Eat slowly until you feel full

When it’s time to eat, try to eat more slowly, because according to the results of research conducted in this field, those who eat slowly feel fuller than those who eat quickly.

Previous research has found that people who eat slowly have lower body mass indexes (BMIs) than those who rush when eating. But in this research, the reason for this was not well known. According to the Daily Mail, to investigate how fast eating affects the feeling of satiety, researchers at the University of Bristol went to work and gave the volunteers participating in this research tomato soup (this The soup was poured into their mouths with a tube. The reason for using the tube was to prevent the researchers from visually judging how much soup was eaten. The participants were fed 400 mg of soup at two different speeds. In the first group, 11.8 mg of soup was eaten every two seconds and after every two seconds, a pause of four seconds was placed. The other group was given 5.4 mg of soup every second and a pause of 10 seconds was placed after each second. became. After the test, the volunteers were asked to say how full they felt immediately after eating the soup and two hours later. And two hours later, they feel more full.

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10 September 1394 15:37

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