Eating and drinking from the perspective of Islamic medicine

What recommendations does Islamic medicine give us in the field of eating and drinking? The effective suggestions and solutions of the Islamic religion in the field of preparing and cooking food and how to eat it. What is the importance of eating and drinking from the perspective of Islam?

The first need of living things is water and food. Therefore, from the beginning of the creation of creatures, God has made water and food available and has given them the way to eat and drink. Apart from the need for water and food and the importance of getting to know Eating habits And drinking is enjoyable for humans.

To check the importance of eating and drinking, four characteristics can be mentioned:

1- Permanence of eating and drinking until the end of life
2- Enjoyable eating and drinking most of the time
3- Attributing one of the five obligatory, forbidden, permissible and recommended rules to each of the examples of eating and drinking
4- Existence of a set of customs and ethics of eating and drinking

Therefore, considering the importance of this topic, in this collection of articles we will examine the customs of eating and drinking from the perspective of Islam:

Characteristics of desirable food

Every Muslim should know that the food he eats not only strengthens the body and fulfills the body’s need for food, but also has a direct effect on his soul and spirit and can strengthen or weaken his spiritual dimension as well.
Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the appearance and taste of the food, you should also pay attention to the inner side of the food.

The most important characteristics of desirable and approved food in Islam are:

Halal and clean food

Islam considers the most important feature of good food to be halal and clean.

There are two important principles for food to be halal:

  • Halal food is food prepared from permitted foods. For example, it is not permissible to eat food prepared from the meat of forbidden animals.
  • Halal food must be prepared in a healthy and halal way. Therefore, food prepared from halal food but with haram money, such as usurpation, riba, bribery and the like, is not halal and eating it is haram.

– The second characteristic, that is, being clean, is one of the characteristics of healthy and desirable food. Cleanliness is not only a health necessity, but it also has positive effects on the human psyche.

Preparing food from your own dish

The food obtained through personal effort and effort, even if it is simple and little, will have honor over the food obtained through the pity and forgiveness of others, and these two will not be comparable in any way.
Similarly, according to traditions, it causes forgiveness of a person and his superiority over others.

The smell and taste of the food

Paying attention to cleanliness is the starting point of a believer’s perfectionism. One of the examples of cleanliness is the use of pleasant smells and the removal of unpleasant odors, and the Prophet of Islam and the infallible imams have ordered it with great emphasis.
For this purpose, those leaders not only avoided eating anything that caused an unpleasant smell to emanate from their blessed mouths, but also forbade others from eating things such as garlic and onions when they were in the Muslim community.

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Source: The Book of Health Hadith

September 2, 1395 04:30

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