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Eating Coconut Oil Straight from Jar, Good or Bad?

The good thing about eating coconut oil straight from jar is that you can instantly obtain its powerful antimicrobial properties. This quickly stimulates your immune system to produce more antibodies.

Why do we need so much antibodies?

We have viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites etc in our body. They’re always lurking somewhere inside our body, waiting for the best opportunity to strike us down. So, we need tons of antibodies to fight off these menacing germs.

Not only antimicrobials, coconut oil also carries about 80–90% saturated fats, which are good at eliminating free-radical reactions.

Free radicals are the main culprit for causing arterial inflammation and hence, increasing your risk of getting heart disease.

Eating coconut oil straight from the jar also raises your metabolism faster for tissue healing and burning of body fats.

However, all the good stuff I just mentioned by consuming coconut oil directly from the container come with a price.

Bad Effects of Taking Coconut Oil Directly from Jar

It’s bad for some people as the oil quickly splits into glycerols and medium-chain fatty acids upon digestion. These duo can trigger diarrhea and stomach cramps, especially when your stomach is empty.

Those are the side effects of eating coconut oil straight from jar. It’s pretty bad because the diarrhea effect can be so intense that makes you feel miserable for several hours.

I wouldn’t stop you if you find eating coconut oil straight from jar benefits you more. For example, it helps to improve your bowel movement and cleanse your colon.

Many people are doing the same. They use coconut oil for constipation. This sort of helps them “reboot” so that their gut can perform properly once again.

That’s really cool though. But it can be taxing and can hurt your butt if you do that too often.

If you love eating coconut oil straight out of the jar, here’s a workaround to help prevent the diarrhea effect. You must make sure your stomach has already had some food inside.

On top of that, don’t shove two tablespoonfuls of coconut oil all at once into your mouth. Spread out the doses.

This will help to slow the digestion of coconut oil into its bowel-stimulating compounds. You will still get the urge though, but the intervals between bowel movements would become longer and seem more natural.

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