Eating dinner in the evening will help you lose weight

Nowadays, losing weight is one of the concerns of many people. A proper diet in meals can help a person a lot in this regard. But the common issue that exists for all people who want to lose weight is the right time to eat dinner. The best time to eat dinner is early evening.

The results of a new study show that eating dinner in the evening and early at night is a suitable pattern for weight loss; In addition to reducing the feeling of hunger, this pattern causes the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates to fight with excess body fat.

This study is the first time that confirms the effective result of eating a light dinner in the early evening or regardless of dinner and replacing it with fruit and salad on reducing fat mass and the risk of chronic diseases in humans.

According to Science Daily, eating a light dinner in the early evening makes the body’s internal clock function properly and thus is effective in improving health. According to this study, the longer the time between dinner and breakfast the next day, the better the body’s metabolism, and this helps to lose weight.

This study also shows that eating dinner in the early hours of the night, in addition to changing the pattern of fat and carbohydrate metabolism in a way that causes weight loss, also prevents the occurrence of chronic metabolic diseases, including diabetes.

Eating dinner late at night is one of the most important causes of obesity, diabetes, stroke and heart diseases. The results of this study were presented at the annual meeting of the Obesity Society in New Orleans.

Source: Khabarpo

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