Eating ice cream at these hours of the day is very helpful

You may not have thought about this before, but consuming ice cream at certain times of the day can be very helpful. Ice cream is a very tasty and popular food among all people. Today, this product is marketed with different flavors for every taste. Be with Dr. Salam.

In their latest research, scientists found that eating ice cream at this time of day has a significant effect on brain function.

In their latest research, Japanese researchers found that eating ice cream for breakfast can increase a person’s mental strength and intelligence, and improve their ability to score higher on math tests.

Experts obtained these results by examining two groups of volunteers, one group consuming ice cream with breakfast and the other group eating only regular breakfast. The group that ate ice cream with breakfast showed a higher speed of action in the computer test and the results They got better.

Eating small amounts of sugary foods at breakfast can boost mental strength, but during the day a person should be physically active enough to consume sugar in his body and not suffer from diabetes or overweight.

Researchers believe that ice cream contains nutrients such as dairy products, chocolate and a variety of vitamins that, in addition to strengthening the body, also establish better communication between brain neurons.

Experts also found in their research that eating healthy and high-energy foods such as ice cream or chocolate cake for breakfast can not only improve brain strength, but also cause weight loss.

Source: Reporters Club

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