Eating salmon with these foods

Salmon is the best type of fish to eat, we suggest not to neglect its consumption and be sure to accompany it with fresh lemon juice.

Many nutritionists recommend that you eat seafood to maintain cardiovascular health, but they mean grilled or baked food that is prepared without oil.

This type of seafood cooking is also extremely useful for people with diabetes.

Salmon is at the top of the nutritionists’ recommendations because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are known as “healthy” fats because they can promote the health of the heart, skin, brain, and many other vital organs in the body. People with diabetes can cook salmon in the oven and enjoy it. Experts say that cooked tomato with fresh lemon juice is the best food combination for eating salmon.

The next important option is shrimp. Since shrimp contains a relatively high amount of cholesterol compared to other seafood, many people with diabetes avoid eating shrimp. However, nutritionists say that one or two servings of shrimp a week won’t harm your heart, and it’s not harmful at all for a diabetes diet, especially for those on a low-fat diet. Cholesterol per 100 grams of shrimp is almost equal to the cholesterol of one egg. So don’t be overly sensitive about consuming shrimp.


26 May 1395 16:16

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