Eczema, the most common skin disease in the fall

Skin care and having a fresh and beautiful skin will make you more beautiful. Therefore, it is necessary to identify skin diseases according to environmental conditions, etc. and prevent their occurrence. Different skin diseases are common in different seasons. The most common skin condition in the fall is eczema.

Khalil Farsinejad, a dermatologist, said: “Eczema is caused and exacerbated by dry skin, environmental pollution, the use of heating devices such as radiators and other factors.”

Farsi Nejad stated: Using a water vaporizer at home increases the humidity in the air and reduces dry skin, and the use of moisturizing creams can be very effective in this regard.

He stated: The use of strong soaps causes and intensifies dry skin in people and the use of baby shampoo is recommended as the best cleanser for dry skin.

“Eczema is not contagious,” said the dermatologist. “This skin condition becomes dangerous when a secondary infection develops on it, in which case it is necessary to see a specialist immediately and treat it in a timely manner.”

Source: Reporters Club

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