Edible essential oils for good health

Olive oil, animal butter or sunflower oil? Which one is more beneficial for the body? Researchers have been conducting various studies for years to answer this question.

They say consuming too many oils damages the arteries and increases the risk of liver problems and many other diseases.

At the same time, some researchers believe that high consumption of oils such as olive and sesame helps the body’s health and these oils can be used as a healthy seasoning for food and salads.
But researchers have recently claimed that high intake of these beneficial oils can also put your body on a slump in disease and aging. Oils such as olive, canola and canola, although they contain unsaturated fatty acids, their high consumption can be harmful for sedentary people and those who are unfamiliar with exercise.

Researchers studying a group of consumers of inadequate fats found that excessive consumption of these oils increases the risk of people developing diabetes and even increases their risk of depression.
Despite these findings, researchers say that even if you are not an athlete, it is better to go for vegetable oils that do not have high levels of saturated fats instead of animal fats, and of course save on consuming them as much as you can.

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