Effective and quick solutions to remove hair color

It may have happened to you that after dyeing your hair you didn’t get what you wanted and this makes you sad. But you don’t have to worry anymore because there are solutions that you can remove your hair color very quickly. In this article from Hi doctor We have prepared effective and quick solutions to remove hair color. Join us.

Maybe you have faced the unpleasant scene of your new hair color becoming ugly after dyeing your hair. In such times, some may feel despair and despair, why they used this type of hair color and that they did not achieve what they expected in their minds. depression also come to them. What should be done now? Is there a solution to get rid of unwanted hair color? Fortunately, there are several natural ways and methods that you can use to get rid of such hair color. The main condition in using these methods is to do these actions on your dyed hair immediately after dyeing your hair when you don’t like it. So don’t waste time on this. Because one of the most important things to remove semi-permanent or permanent colors immediately is to use these natural methods.

Many people dye their hair to remove the white color or to make their hair more beautiful. Some people do this work at home due to the cost and lack of time, and it has been seen that people did not achieve what they had in mind and regret their actions. It should be noted that some natural materials can be strong cleaners in addition to the tasks we expect from them. In the rest of this article, we will introduce you to 4 types of natural and strong cleaners that you can use to remove unwanted hair color.

In order for the color removal effect of natural materials to be effective, you need to hurry a little

the best way: Mix equal amount of your hair shampoo with baking soda and apply it on your head.

The fastest method: Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to your regular shampoo and wash your head with it. in such a way that it is well applied to the roots of the hair.

Vitamin C method: how many Vitamin C Chop it and put it in a container with hot water. Then apply the mixture well on your hair and wash your head after an hour.

The last way to wash with vinegar: Dilute some vinegar with water, then pour it on your head and then cover your hair with plastic and let the vinegar take effect on your hair.

1. Removing hair color using anti-dandruff shampoos and baking soda

1. Removing hair color with anti-dandruff shampoos

You can get anti-dandruff shampoos at any store or pharmacy. These shampoos are clearly designed to fight dandruff. Some shampoos on the market are stronger than others. You can buy the best anti-dandruff shampoos by asking the seller or your friends. Dandruff shampoo is a little more fragile than natural shampoo; People with dandruff, their scalp separates more than usual, and this itself causes dandruff. Therefore, anti-dandruff shampoos with their strong formula can reduce or eliminate dandruff.

2. Use baking soda to remove hair color

Make sure they don’t sell you baking powder instead of baking soda. Remember that baking powder is not suitable for this task, but baking soda with its whitening and cleaning properties is suitable for this task. Baking soda can’t bleach your hair, but it can make it lighter in color and works well to remove waste products from your hair. If baking soda If you don’t have it, be sure to use an anti-dandruff shampoo. This shampoo is able to remove color immediately after washing with anti-dandruff shampoo. Especially if the used hair color is semi-permanent.

3. Mix shampoo and baking soda in equal parts

You can use a small plastic or metal container to mix shampoo and baking soda. Remember, mix the amount of shampoo and baking soda according to the volume of your hair. It is not necessary that the amount of baking soda and shampoo must be equal. After this step, put the mixed ingredients on your palm.

4. Rub the mixture on the hair

Once you have poured some of the mixture on your palm, apply it to your hair. So that all your hair is covered with the mixture. Then, after a few minutes, wash the ingredients on your hair well.

5. Take the complete washing of your hair seriously

During washing, hair color is usually removed. You can use this method several times and then wash your hair well. Don’t forget that immediately after dyeing your hair, if you don’t like it, do the above to get rid of the desired color very easily. The more time passes, the more difficult it will be to remove the paint.

2. Using dishwashing liquid

1. Mix four or five drops of dishwashing liquid into regular shampoo

For this, you can mix four to five drops of dishwashing liquid with a quarter of your regular shampoo.

2. Moisten your hair before applying the mixture

You can apply the dishwashing liquid and shampoo mixture to your pre-moistened hair. Allow the mixture to soak into your hair for a few minutes.

3. Wash your hair thoroughly

Dishwashing liquid causes drying and brittleness in hair. Therefore, after washing your head completely, eliminate this dryness by using natural oils. Just make sure you wash your hair thoroughly. You will most likely have to repeat this technique several times. Do not forget that some people’s skin may be sensitive to such substances. Be careful and do not use this method more than two or three times because dishwashing liquid has a strong cleaning power.

4. Check your hair thoroughly after each use of the dishwashing liquid and shampoo mixture

Maybe the results of removing the color from your hair are not very great, but after using this method, after two to three days, you will feel the reduction of hair color on your hair significantly.

5. Be sure to apply oil to your hair after each use of these ingredients

When you are done washing your head, dry your hair well and then apply it to your hair using natural oils (preferably a little lukewarm), so that your hair is dry and your hair is less damaged. This will make your hair get enough moisture. You can even use a blow dryer to give your hair enough air to air condition it.

Hair coloring

3. Color removal with vitamin C

1. Prepare some vitamin C tablets

If you have dyed your hair dark and only a few days have passed since it was dyed, using vitamin C can be effective. First, crush a vitamin C tablet and put it in a bowl of hot water and use a spoon to crush it well in the water and mix it until the mixture is ready. If the content of the container does not match the amount of your hair, you can use more vitamin C. Note that if your hair has been dyed for more than three days, vitamin C will no longer be effective.

2. Apply the vitamin C solution on wet hair and wait for an hour

Make sure your hair is sufficiently wet and moisturized before applying the vitamin C content to your hair. When your hair is wet, vitamin C contents penetrate better. Note, when you apply the relevant contents on your hair, you should cover your head well with a hat or plastic bag and allow the ingredients to fully penetrate your hair, the right time for this is 1 hour.

3. Wash your head and hair well

Try to wash your hair well after an hour of soaking it in vitamin C. Using this method several times can produce significant results. Try not to dye your hair again for a few months, as it may damage the hair texture.

4. Remove color with vinegar

1. Prepare a solution of vinegar and warm water

Try using vinegar, be sure to use white vinegar. Do not use apple cider vinegar for this, because the acid of this fruit is not strong enough. Therefore, it does not work well to remove your hair color. Hair color manufacturers usually resist most of the hair color against alkaline substances such as shampoos and various soaps, which are generally alkaline. The acidic property of white head can destroy hair color.

2. Apply vinegar solution on the hair

To do this, first put your head on the sink or tub. Then, with the help of a container, pour the mixture of water and vinegar on your hair so that all your hair is soaked in this solution. So that your hair is completely saturated with this solution.

3. Cover your hair and wait 15 to 20 minutes

Use a cap or plastic cover to keep moisture on your hair. Try to stay in this position for 15 to 20 minutes so that your hair is sufficiently soaked in this solution.

4. Wash your hair with a good shampoo

When you wash your hair, you will clearly see the color of the water. Try to be careful while washing so that all areas of the head are washed well. Repeat this several times if necessary.

tip: Such natural methods will be more effective in cases where it has not been long since you dyed your hair.

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