Effective strategies to increase the quality of sex

With so much information being passively passed on to us about sex, it can lead to misconceptions and expectations for couples because one of the main concerns of couples is how to have quality sex. To be.

Many of the perceptions and expectations we have about sex are based on information that comes to us passively, such as watching movies, reading, talking to friends, and if this information is not true, these perceptions and expectations can be wrong. Sex Affect us in our life together. Because one of the concerns of most couples is how can I improve the quality of my sex life? Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Step # 1- Discovering Your Purpose There is no such thing as a “sexually active” person.

Given that many of our perceptions and expectations of sex are based on information that comes to us passively, such as watching movies, reading content, talking to friends, and so on, in order to have realistic and clear expectations, we must Make the process of acquiring information active and self-aware.

For example, the person must first know the resident, what kind of touch he likes with what intensity and frequency in his body, so that when he is in a relationship, he can discuss this issue with his sexual partner. It is not very realistic to expect the other person to already have this information in full and to use it properly during the relationship. Or have you heard that, for example, in a relationship, there is terrible pain and bleeding for the first time, and without examining this issue from a scientific and physical point of view, it is definitely the fear You cultivate unhealthiness in yourself.

Step # 2- Discovering Your Purpose Practicing your sexual desires and preferences with your partner.

Having bold behavior should be practiced from simpler situations. For example, about eating and drinking! Can you eat what you want and not what you do not want? Or do you eat the rest of the food to show that you are a good companion, or do you drink something that you may even regret later? Practicing assertiveness in these simple situations and the skill of saying no will certainly work for your sexuality. Of course, in the case of shy people with Anxiety Socially, it may be necessary to work with a psychiatrist or psychologist on bold behavior for a few sessions.

Step 3: Apply the knowledge

Once you have successfully completed steps one and two, it is time to apply these lessons.

* Build your desired relationship based on what you have learned. Of course, sometimes, especially when women express their sexual desires, the man becomes skeptical and the image arises for him that the woman has had many previous experiences. Therefore, the whole relationship, the couple’s trust in each other and the intimacy between them and the culture of both parties should be considered.

* Having your spouse (male or female) know your body properly and at least to some extent what your sexual preferences are, increases the likelihood of a better relationship.

* In the case of couples who have lived together for years, it is better not to make these demands all at once, which will surprise the other party with this change of procedure. Rather, it is better to share this series of posts with your spouse after reading, and both of you go through this path slowly, share your learnings and make new changes in your relationship.

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