Effects of pregnancy on sexual desire

Certainly, pregnancy has a great impact on the relationship between couples, such as decreased sexual desire or cooling off towards the spouse. But what is the reason for this? Is there a solution to prevent this? The most important factor that prevents the decrease in sexual desire is how the couple had sex before pregnancy.

During pregnancy, there are restrictions on marital relationships, which include:
History of miscarriage or threat of miscarriage or premature birth
History of spontaneous uterine contractions, bleeding, or premature rupture of the peritoneal membrane.
Cervical insufficiency as well as the number of multiple deliveries
• The last 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy
History of gestational hypertension
• Some other items to be mentioned by your doctor or midwife.

Despite the above, if the pregnancy is normal and the doctor or midwife does not say that it is an obstacle for the couple to be close, the relationship is unobstructed and can continue in the third trimester with the opinion of the doctor who is following the pregnancy. However, during pregnancy, especially in the last months, a proper position and position during intercourse should be considered so that no pressure is applied to the pregnant woman’s abdomen.

I have said before that some women may experience decreased libido during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, which in some texts is attributed to fatigue and nausea caused by the early stages of fetal and placental development. In some women, the opposite happens and leads to an increase in female sexual desire in the first trimester. In general, if sex is not forbidden during pregnancy, interaction and contact are necessary, and caressing women during pregnancy helps their peace of mind and makes them have a happier child and return to their married life sooner after giving birth. After the birth of a child, it usually takes a few weeks (4-6 weeks) for mothers to be able to prepare for sex in addition to caring for their baby. Especially in the early stages of child development, couples may not have the privacy to express their sexual feelings. I recommend that you maintain this privacy at every stage of your life so that you can enjoy sex life and other aspects of living together happily together.

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