Eliminate lip skin problems with these methods

Why do our lips dry out and what are the most important causes of this complication? What are the factors that cause this? What are the appropriate methods to eliminate this condition and what are the best recommendations to eliminate this condition?

A dermatologist said: “Lip eczema occurs due to contact allergies and food and cosmetics, which in this case leads to dryness, flaking and even itching of the lips.

Abdolreza Erfani, stating that dryness and flaking of the lips occur for various reasons, said: Dry air and direct contact with sunlight are the most important causes of dry skin, especially in the cold season.

He pointed out that usually with cold and dry air, the lips also dry out and leave cracks, adding: “Dry lips have been observed more in people who have mouth breathing, especially during sleep, because the air flow from inside the mouth causes the lips to dry more.” It happens in these people.

The dermatologist continued: The best way to solve this problem is to breathe through the nose. Dry lips can be due to a lack of a variety of vitamins. One of the treatments for dry lips is taking a variety of multivitamins for a month.

Erfani said: “Different types of lip balms are useful for treating dryness and cracking of the lips, because the balms act as a protector and prevent water from evaporating from the surface of the lips.” For this reason, it is recommended to use it frequently.

He added: “People who are more prone to dry lips should not use their tongue to remove dryness on the lips and use lip balms instead and be less exposed to wind and cold.” Some lip balms have SPF and are also considered sunscreens, in which case they have more protection and it is necessary to lubricate the lips once every two hours or after each wash.

“Dry lips are different in children and adults,” he said. “Children are less exposed to sunlight than adults, so the cause of dry lips in children is more due to innate allergies and childhood eczema.” Lip eczema occurs due to contact sensitivity and food and cosmetics, which in this case leads to dryness, flaking and even itching of the lips.

Erfani added: “A proper diet is needed to prevent dry lips in people who are allergic to certain foods.” It is also necessary to use steroid ointments, topical hydrocortisone ointment and beta-metazone cream to reduce sensitivity.

He referred to the treatment of dry lips in children and said: to treat dry lips in children, eczema should be treated first, because eczema leads to dry lips in children.

The dermatologist continued: “The most important cause of dry lips is due to the decrease in air humidity in autumn and winter.” It is necessary to regularly lubricate the lips and use lip balm. Cosmetics such as lipstick cause dry lips because they contain aromatic compounds, color compounds and lead.

Erfani said: “Some lipsticks may have a protective and therapeutic effect, but they do not contain irritating chemicals and are considered emollients and moisturizers.”


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