Eliminate mental disorders with this dairy product

Consumption of this type of yogurt increases the body’s immune defense. Because there are beneficial probiotic bacteria that are abundantly found in this type of yogurt.

Experts have recently achieved incredible results regarding the role of yogurt bacteria in the treatment of mental disorders.

Experts have realized that eating probiotic yogurt can cause a change in people’s mood due to the presence of beneficial bacteria for the body.

It should be noted that experts believe that the bacteria in yogurt cause chemical changes in the brain, which can be very useful even on the ability to interact with society in people with autism.

Studies show that yogurts and probiotic dairy products can also increase the function of the body’s immune system, treat intestinal colitis, and also cause severe diarrhea in people.

Probiotics are live bacteria that can have a direct effect on the function of the body’s nerves, such as the vagus nerve.

By feeding probiotic foods to mice, experts have found that the amount of stress and stress hormones in the mice’s body has been reduced to a high extent.

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