Eliminate summer pimples

In summer, the body transpiration rate is very high and skin sensitivity is high due to sunlight and its intensity, so facial pimples and acne on the skin will increase and skin care should be done more.Summer is the season with the scariest time for skin problems, especially acne. In general, having a bad appearance with acne is painful for many women and can greatly reduce the usual excitement of this season (travel, parties, etc.) and also affect a person’s self-confidence.
But acne, like all other medical conditions, is largely treatable. Most importantly, we do not recommend peeling or squeezing them at all, as this can cause scars or pimples, so instead of bursting your pimples, start using medication to heal them. Take these recommendations seriously as well.

– Keep your face clean. Always wash your makeup thoroughly after you get home. You can use salicylic detergents for this purpose.

Be sure to use sunscreen to reduce skin sensitivity in summer.

– Do not wash your face when washing too much. Excessive washing and rubbing of the skin can lead to skin allergies.

– Do not touch your face too much and do not lean on it too much. Because it can cause bacterial infections.

– Try to use cosmetics with brands that have the word “commodogenic bread” on the label.

Avoid exposure to sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can increase the risk of acne.

– You can use anti-acne masks once a week.

Acne can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance, so you may need a hormonal test. You may need hormone-balancing therapy.

Dandruff is also one of the most common causes of acne on the forehead. Frequent use of anti-dandruff shampoo recommended by a dermatologist is essential.

– If you have acne on your skin, avoid wearing very tight clothes.

If none of the above treatments help, a dermatologist can give you the best solution. Be sure to consult your doctor if you think your acne outbreak is uncontrollable and there is a deeper root problem.

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