Eliminating premature aging of the skin

What recommendations can we use to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on our skin? Is Botox always the solution and what treatments can replace Botox? It is better to use natural methods to prevent skin aging.

Maybe you are one of the young people who think about aging and wrinkles of your skin – or maybe you are one of those who want the beauty and youth of their skin to be natural and not under the burden of Botox. You must be looking for solutions to guarantee the youth of your skin and postpone aging; So we have good news for you.

Rationalize your expectation

Genetics also plays an important role in causing wrinkles to the extent that some people’s skin gets wrinkled at a young age and need Botox, while other people are still young despite their old age. You can usually look for this issue in people close to your family.

Just look at the skin of your closest family members and keep their age in mind. In this way, to some extent, you can find out your genetic predisposition for skin wrinkles.

If genetics is the only factor that causes wrinkles on your face, there is almost no way to prevent them, but this is usually not the case and several factors work hand in hand. In this case, the most important thing you can do is to minimize the impact of other factors.

Update your soap!

Washing your skin daily with soap is another way you can do to keep your skin young and help prevent skin wrinkles. Note that you must know your skin and get the right soap. If you use a soap that is not suitable for your skin, you will do the opposite and accelerate the aging of your skin; For example, dry skin becomes drier and more fragile due to the use of inappropriate soaps.

Oily skin is more prone to absorb air pollution; Therefore, these people should wash at least twice a day. A new generation of skin cleansers called “Pen” has been released, which you can use to clean your skin if you have very dry and sensitive skin. Pen does not have alkaline properties and causes less damage compared to soap. Pens are available in both solid and liquid form in the market, which are a more suitable option for dry skin.

Do not expect miracles from creams

Eye creams are often triple-functional; It means anti-wrinkle, anti-darkness and anti-puff. In general, you should not expect miracles from eye creams; Even from creams that you pay a lot of money for, you should not expect a great deal. These creams hydrate the skin around the eyes and improve the wrinkles around the eyes to some extent. For other problems such as darkness and puffiness and deeper wrinkles, you should see a doctor.

To prevent wrinkles from 20 to 25 years old, you can use eye creams to hydrate the skin of this area of ​​the face. When using eye cream, be careful not to put it too close to your eyes and into your eyes. Binocular sunscreen is also a product in the market and you should definitely use it. If you have applied sunscreen on your face around your eyes and you have not developed an allergy, you can use the same product around your eyes.

Turn your back to the sun

Skin care should start from the very beginning of childhood, even from six months. One of the most important factors that cause wrinkles and skin aging is the sun’s rays. We recommend that you use sunscreen with a suitable SPF at least twice a day to delay the wrinkling of your skin; We even recommend that you use sunscreen for children.

White people take note

Some skin types are inherently more vulnerable; For example, white skins are more vulnerable to freckles, wrinkles, cancer, sun rays, etc. and need more care. In addition, dry skin also needs more care.

Find out the AHA in creams!

Night creams, which often have exfoliating properties, are a good option that will minimize your need for Botox. Exfoliating creams mainly contain either vitamin A compounds or fruit acids in their composition. In beauty recommendations, it is usually recommended to use fruit masks to prevent skin wrinkles.

Which product to buy?

To buy all kinds of exfoliating creams, moisturizers, etc., you must pay attention to your skin type. Stores usually introduce you to a product that they have in stock or that is more expensive. Expensive does not necessarily mean better quality. Sometimes a cream made in our own country has an effect that foreign creams do not have. For this reason, you can choose the right product for your skin by following some tips. If your skin is oily, use creams that are only moisturizing and not greasy. For dry skin, it is better to have a higher percentage of fat in the cream to compensate for the dryness of the skin.

Even children need to use a moisturizer for these ages. In addition, use products that have the word AHA written on them and pay attention to its percentage. The higher the percentage of AHA, the greater its exfoliating power. If you have dry, fragile and sensitive skin, you should use creams with a lower AHA percentage. Night creams hydrate the skin and improve fine wrinkles, and these creams are suitable if they contain AHA. In addition to all these points, it is necessary to know that milder creams should be used at a younger age.

Quit fast food

Healthy nutrition is the most important thing to have smooth and wrinkle-free skin. If you want to delay the aging of your skin, you should use organic products, fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, etc. as much as you can. It’s time to stop eating fast food, canned foods, foods containing hormones, nitrates, etc., and guarantee your skin’s youth.

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