Emergency procedures for male genitalia

Men’s genitals are very sensitive and as soon as they receive the first blows and injuries, they will suffer a lot of problems.

Any part of the human body may suffer from structural disorders or diseases. Testicular diseases are also common. In this article, we mention some common and at the same time dangerous types, whose treatment should be urgent and very fast; Because a bit of neglect may cause the patient’s testicle to die.
Not descending the testicles
Urologist Dr. Mohammadreza Safarinejad wrote in the Sib supplement of Jam Jam newspaper: The testis is an organ that has an important task such as making male hormones. Due to its structure, this organ is sensitive to high temperature, even body temperature of 37 degrees, and if it is kept at this temperature or higher for a long time, its tissue will be seriously damaged and it may lose its function forever. For this reason, it is placed in a bag called scrotum to regulate its temperature. The testicle of the human fetus is located in the abdominal cavity. There is also a duct through which the testicles gradually enter and distance themselves from the abdominal environment. So when a baby boy is born, we expect the testicles to be in the sac when examined; While sometimes this does not happen, it means that one or both testicles remain inside the abdomen. Prevalence of undescended testis is higher in premature babies.
This issue is important for us in two ways. As we mentioned, high temperature destroys the testicles. So we wait until 12 months for the testicles to descend. If this does not happen, they must be surgically removed from the abdominal cavity and located in the scrotum. If the undescended testicles are bilateral and treatment is not done, the baby boy will suffer from sexual disorders and infertility in the future. Another very important issue is the prevalence of testicular cancer. In such patients, the prevalence of cancer is 30 times that of normal people. Even after surgery and lowering the testicles, the risk of developing testicular cancer in these children (in the future) is higher than the population of men who did not have such a problem at birth. Therefore, these patients must be examined annually by a specialist doctor.
testical cancer
This type of cancer is common in young age (in the third decade of life) unlike other cancers that mostly occur in old age. Unfortunately, the progress of testicular cancer is very fast, which means that the mass may double in ten days. The first symptom of testicular cancer is a lump in the testicle. The lump may be the size of a pea (any lump inside the testicle is cancer, unless proven otherwise). For this reason, it is better for men to learn how to examine the testicles. Of course, the location of the disease is such that patients may not go to the doctor early. Late referral causes the disease to progress and the treatment process will be more difficult. The treatment for testicular cancer is to remove the entire testicle, and if the cancer is bilateral, the patient will experience impotence. Patients also receive chemotherapy, which is considered a very good treatment for testicular cancer. Chemotherapy may damage the healthy and non-diseased testicle and cause the patient to become sterile forever. For this reason, before starting chemotherapy, it is recommended that patients store their sperm in the laboratory so that they can have children through artificial insemination in the future.
testicular torsion
Testicular torsion is a dangerous disease that must be treated as soon as possible. The treatment is urgent and the golden period is six hours, when the delay in the treatment will cause the loss of the testicle. The disease is more common in teenagers (14 to 20 years old). The most significant symptom of testicular torsion is the presence of severe and sudden pain in the scrotum. The cause of the disease is that the person has anatomical defects in the testicular cord, which, due to certain reasons, twists the testicular cord. The twisting causes the blood vessels to be under pressure and the blood flow to the testicle is cut off. The lack of blood supply will lead to the interruption of oxygen supply to the tissue and the death of testicular cells. With surgery, the twist is removed and the testicle is attached to the skin of the sac so that this does not happen again.
Testicular infection
This disease also occurs more often in the third and fourth decades of life. The symptom of the disease is the size of the testicles, swelling and redness. The skin of the testicle is inflamed and very painful. Testicular infection is a dangerous disease. Delay in treatment causes the formation of an abscess in the testicle, and the treatment at this stage is to remove the testicle. The most common cause of testicular infection is sexually transmitted diseases. People who have extra-ordinary relationships are more likely to get testicular infection. Infection is caused by bacteria such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.
Testicular trauma
Shots to the testicles should be taken seriously. Doing sports such as football, karate and all the things in which the possibility of hitting the testicle is high, may damage the testicle. Blows to the testicles produce symptoms such as bruising and swelling, which is the cause of blood accumulation in the sac.
These people should go to the urology emergency department of hospitals to have the testicle examined by examination and ultrasound, and if a tear is found in it, it can be repaired with surgery. But if only capillary rupture is involved, hematoma or hemorrhage can be treated with medication and care instructions.
Testicular atrophy
This disease has many causes. One of the important causes of atrophy in children is mumps. Mumps may attack the testicles and destroy both testicles. For this reason, vaccination of children against this disease is very important in their future. Another thing that causes the loss and atrophy of the testicles today is the use of anabolic or steroid drugs in bodybuilders.
Contrary to popular belief, steroid hormones have the opposite effect on the testicles, and their long-term use will cause them to disintegrate. There are many cases of divorce among athletes, the reason for which is infertility, without them knowing about it. These people have atrophied testicles during examination.
This disease is irreversible. Unfortunately, athletes arbitrarily prepare such drugs or hormones are prescribed by inexperienced trainers who do not pay attention to its side effects.

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