Empty the bladder before sex

Women should be aware of this important point before having sex and do not empty their bladder because they will be exposed to all kinds of genital infections.

Until now, it has been said that urinating and emptying the bladder before sexual intercourse reduces the risk of infectious diseases of the female genital area, but recently researchers have been adamant that the opposite is true.

According to urologist David Koffman, urinating before sex is one of the biggest common mistakes women make when they develop a genital infection. He claims that women should not urinate under any circumstances immediately before having sex, and says a firm no to the misconceptions that have ever been raised about this. Because during sex, the bacteria easily enters the urinary tract from the vagina. According to this urologist, it is best for women to urinate immediately after sexual intercourse to remove the urinary tract infection from the genital area. Read about the importance of urine after sex in this link.

Another question is how do women protect themselves from genital infections?

Using a diaphragm to prevent pregnancy seriously increases the risk of infection because the diaphragm puts pressure on the bladder and as a result the bladder does not empty completely. If you want to prevent pregnancy, try other methods.

Also, the use of lubricants or condoms that have lubricants and lubricants causes more irritation, which in turn leads to infection and itching. For this reason, doctors recommend the use of non-lubricating condoms to prevent infection.

The other important points that women should follow are the following:

Never dehydrate. Too much water increases urination and urine kills infections, so try to drink plenty of water.

Never hold urine as soon as you feel the need to go to the bathroom.

Do not wash the genital area constantly.

You can use apple cider vinegar or baking soda to make sure the vaginal odor goes away. Pour a little baking soda in a large bathtub or clean basin and mix with lukewarm water. Sit in water for 15 minutes. The same can be done with apple cider vinegar. The vagina no longer smells bad at all.

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