Energy and protein during adolescence and puberty

The amount of energy and protein required at this age depends on the amount of activity and the type of exercise. Certainly, due to the growth spurt, the need for these two will increase sharply. To increase the amount of energy, it is necessary that the number of meals Eating should increase and reach at least 5-6 meals and snacks per day. Consuming low-volume and high-calorie foods such as kernels, honey, butter, dates, and grains such as bread and rice is recommended. In addition to sufficient consumption of protein, protein materials with high biological value, such as eggs, meat, and milk, should be chosen more. Consuming vegetable proteins such as legumes along with animal proteins will be very useful because they contain essential micronutrients. It should be noted that if the amount of energy is not enough, the body will start burning proteins, so in order to prevent the consumption of proteins to provide fuel, it is necessary to provide enough energy.

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18 February 1394 17:19

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