Enhance Immunity, Energy, Digestion and Metabolism with this 4-Ingredient Smoothie

A 4-ingredient smoothie that enhances immunity, energy, digestion and metabolism? What more could you ask for? Whether you are on the run, short on time, or simply want to feel amazing, this smoothie is just what you’ll need.

Blueberries are high in antioxidants, little particles that help neutralize free-radicals in our body that come from the food we eat, air we breathe, or stress we may encounter throughout the day. They also provide us with energy, as well as mango, which is fructose-rich and helps fuel the cells of our body.

Ginger helps activate digestion and metabolism, thanks to little compounds called gingerols, and the enzymes and fibre from mango also stimulate healthy bowel movements. Grapefruit is another major player in this body-enhancing smoothie, as it flushes away built-up arterial plaque and stimulates the lymphatic system to help get rid of cellulite. Not to mention, it activates our metabolism and improves fat-burning.

4-Ingredient Smoothie Recipe


– 2 cups organic blueberries
– 1 cup chopped mango
– 3 inches fresh ginger root
– 1 cup grapefruit juice


Place the above ingredients in a blender, and pulse-blend until smooth. Enjoy!

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