Enjoy various features of wholemeal bread

It is better for people to prioritize the use of whole grain breads and help them increase their physical health. Nutritionists to prevent a variety of complications in the body such as colon cancer, constipation and cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and Anemia People are advised to use whole grain breads.

“Lifestyle changes due to industrialization, changes in diet and reduced physical activity have caused cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, which are the cause of many deaths in developed countries,” said the head of the Malayer Health Network’s food monitoring unit. .

Morteza Abedini added: “These three diseases have reduced the level of public health and have high economic costs, while the cost of prevention of these diseases is lower than their treatment.”

“Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are high in fiber, which can help prevent bowel cancer, constipation and cardiovascular disease,” he said.

Abedini continued: “Meanwhile, the use of whole wheat bread can provide half of the body’s need for fiber alone, so that wheat bran contains minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorus and is important in preventing osteoporosis and anemia.” Has a special.

“Bran is also a good source of the group’s vitamins,” he said B( B1، B2 And B6) And folic acid and vitamins E “Most people think that white and light bread in traditional breads is a sign of its quality, if it is not, and the light color of bread is a sign of no bran and low nutritional value.”

sangak bread; Rich source of bran

The head of the food monitoring unit of Malayer Health Network pointed out: At present, whole wheat flour is used more in Sangak bread, and considering that whole wheat breads have a darker appearance than other breads, informing the people is more important than desire. Increase the consumption of such breads.

Abedini said: “The important point is that bran with flour must go through the fermentation process to have its beneficial effects on health, so adding bran to the surface of bread dough is not the right thing to do sometimes in some traditional bakeries, so it is better to make bread from flour.” Produce whole wheat.

He added: “We must produce good quality traditional breads because the effect of bread quality and health is wide and provides an important part of society’s food, especially the low-income group, so there is a need to invest and improve it.”


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