Essential tips to know for sex after childbirth

9 months of pregnancy and enduring many hardships and the last stage! Tolerating the most intense pain possible. Childbirth and pregnancy are among the periods that every mother experiences. Now it is his wife’s turn to help him; Sex after childbirth is one of the points that needs a lot of attention. Stay with Dr. Salam.

Having sex after giving birth has principles that no doctor can accurately tell you. Here are some women’s experiences with postpartum sex that totally surprised them.

Some mothers say that sex after giving birth is very different and at the same time attractive. Obviously, not much adventure can be done, but overall it’s a great experience.

Plan ahead

To have sex after childbirth, planning is important. Make sure the baby is full and the diaper is fresh and dry. Put the baby to sleep and buy some time for yourself. Definitely, the first relationship after 9 months of pregnancy should not be rushed. On the other hand, your wife should be patient and listen to you and proceed slowly.

Let it heal

You have to wait a few days for the scar or itching to heal. Having a relationship with a good feeling also requires time for treatment and ointment.

The first sex after childbirth is painful

No one may have told you that the first sex after childbirth is painful and it is impossible not to feel as if a thorn is entering your body. You should not have the impression that after the first intercourse after childbirth, you will not experience pain in subsequent intercourse. This is a misconception and it is possible that even a year after giving birth, you will feel pain every time during intercourse.

The bleeding does not stop

In your first intercourse, you will definitely think that you are no longer bleeding and that it is over, but it is not, and you will see bleeding immediately after sex.

There is no problem after two weeks

Who says you have to wait at least 6 weeks to have sex after giving birth? This is wrong and you can do it after two weeks.

Don’t listen to old people

Some old women believe that breastfeeding mothers can’t get pregnant at all, while this belief is wrong, and that’s why you should use contraceptives again.

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