Everything about beautiful bridal makeup

This time we want to talk about a beautiful and beautiful makeup for the bride. In this section titled everything about beautiful bridal makeup, published on Dr. Salam’s website, we write completely and comprehensively about bridal makeup, what makeup to use to make the photos more beautiful, how to apply makeup until the end of the wedding night. To keep it as it was, how to tan the skin on the wedding day and makeup regime for brides are the topics we discuss.

You should pay attention to the features that you like the most, on your wedding day you want to be yourself but in the most beautiful way possible.
If you like your eyes more, play with eyeliner and mascara.
If your lips are more important to you, use a bright shade or bright lipstick.
Use whatever you think makes you look more beautiful. The last thing you want is to feel like a huge change has taken place and even you have become a different person!

What makeup methods should brides use to look more beautiful in their photos?

Since the photographic flash gives more power to the pink shades, it even adds a hint of yellow to your skin. Use a color corrector to cover dark circles under your eyes (especially if you didn’t sleep well the night before and these circles may have fallen under your eyes).
Set your makeup with powder and make sure your skin is matte so it doesn’t look shiny in photos. Also, choose a lipstick that is a little lighter than what you normally use. Because pale lips look more faded in the photo.

How can a bride be sure that her makeup will last the whole day?

For the eyes, using long-lasting shadows and eyeliner and finishing it with a light shadow on the brow bone is suitable to highlight the eyes. Use two types of blush on your cheeks, the first is a neutral shade that starts from the cheekbones and goes towards your hairline, and the second is a light shade that is used only on the cheekbones. To make your lips color last, before applying lipstick, draw a line around the lips and even fill in the lips completely with a pencil.

How to tan the skin on the wedding day?

Tanning your skin in person is a good idea, but it’s best to start two weeks before the wedding so your skin doesn’t look orange or fake on the day of the wedding. Exfoliate the skin once and remember that the neck and chest should also be the same color as the face.

What makeup regimen is suitable for brides?

A water diet is very suitable, drink a lot of water so that all the toxins are removed from your body and skin. Be sure to use a skin conditioner to maintain the softness of your skin.

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