Everything you need to know about fatty liver

The second largest organ in the body is the liver. The main task of the liver is to cleanse and eliminate toxins from the body, which is why the liver is known as the body’s filter. Liver Excretes harmful substances that enter the body through food and drink through other parts of the body.

The liver naturally repairs and cleanses itself by cells, but this is disrupted if negative factors are involved.

Fatty liver types

Non-alcoholic fatty liver

Sickness Liver Fat Non-alcoholic occurs when a person’s liver is unable to break down fats and fats accumulate in the tissues of the person’s liver, creating non-alcoholic fatty liver. Sickness Liver Fat Non-alcoholic has nothing to do with alcohol consumption.

The disease itself is divided into several categories and causes in the most severe stages Cirrhosis of the liver Or ulcers and then liver failure.

Alcoholic fatty liver

This disease is one of the first stages of alcohol-related liver disease. The liver is damaged by excessive alcohol consumption and is unable to break down fats. If the person consumes Alcohol Refuse, this kind Fatty Liver It gradually heals, but if you continue to drink alcohol, you may develop liver cirrhosis.

Pregnancy fatty liver

Although this type of fatty liver is very rare, fat accumulation during pregnancy can pose serious risks to both the mother and the fetus. It can cause liver failure, kidney failure, severe infection or bleeding. Although the cause of this disease is not completely known, scientists believe that this disease is related to the hormones of this period. Symptoms of the disease occur in the third trimester and include nauseaVomiting, pain in the upper right abdomen, jaundice and general malaise. Pregnant women should get tested for the disease, and most women begin to recover after giving birth.

Everything you need to know about fatty liver

Symptoms of fatty liver

Yellow on the tongue

Yellowing and whitening of the sclerosis of the eye

– Cakumak and blemishes on the face

Acidity and gastrointestinal reflux

Bitter and bad taste in the morning

Pimples on the face and back of the waist and on the arms

Anger and aggression, getting mad quickly

Ankle pain and recurrent ankle sprains

Severe hair loss

Feeling of ants in different parts of the body

Severe menstrual bleeding in women

– The state of adhesion of feces to the toilet bowl (which requires washing the stool with high water pressure)

Jumping the right eyelid in most cases

Yellowing of the shirt in the armpit area and the stench of sweat

Feeling of tingling in the extremities of the hands and feet

Pain on the right side of the abdominal cavity that spreads between the two shoulders

Ways to diagnose fatty liver

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to diagnose Fatty Liver Imaging is a method that can detect Fatty Liver It helps patients and tests for liver enzymes to help diagnose fatty liver inflammation. In rare cases, CT scans or other imaging techniques are used to diagnose fatty liver disease. What is the underlying cause in the stage of inflammation Liver And what non-inflammatory it can be mentioned, “بیماری If the disease is the cause of fatty liver in a person, we will help treat fatty liver by treating it.”

Practically the best known method of treatment Liver Fat Exercise is associated with weight loss and even seen in patients who have not lost weight, exercise has played an important role in improving fatty liver and finally the use of hypoglycemic drugs in diabetic patients and the use of LDL reducing drugs in patients with Cholesterol Useful ways along with exercise and Weight Loss To treat fatty liver.

Foods that are harmful to fatty liver disease

1. Alcohol

If you have fatty liver disease, do not drink alcohol at all. Fatty liver cannot break down alcohol quickly enough. According to research, the cause Liver Fat In alcoholics, it is not just because of alcohol abuse, alcohol causes inflammation and toxins in the body. Even if to Non-alcoholic fatty liver If you are suffering from the disease, it is best to avoid alcoholic beverages.

۲. Foods rich in carbohydrates

Avoid foods such as bread, rice and corn as much as possible. Reduce your intake of white bread breads as much as you can. Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates (such as white flours that have been stripped of fiber and nutrients) raises blood insulin levels. Insulin sensitivity itself is a key factor in the development of fatty liver.

Avoid whole grain products that have the word “fortified” written on them. If you sometimes feel the urge to eat bread, buy fresh bread. If you also plan to eat rice, Brown rice It is a better option than white rice.

3. Sugar-rich drinks

Fizzy drinks, energy drinks and many juices are rich in sugar and artificial sweeteners. This sugar enters the body and can lead to fatty liver. Your body cannot break down the sugar in a can of soda (which contains 10 teaspoons of sugar) and this has a negative effect on your liver.

According to research from the Atlanta Medical University, sugar (especially fructose) can cause development Fatty Liver Be non-alcoholic. There is a direct relationship between sugar and increased obesity, blood lipids and insulin resistance.

Everything you need to know about fatty liver

4. Processed foods

Hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, processed foods, and sausages are all toxic to your body. Nitrate and nitrite, which are found in many of these foods, including sausages, are directly linked to many diseases, including cancer. High fructose corn syrup, which is found in processed foods, is one of the most important causes. Fatty Liver And to cure this disease, you should stop consuming such foods.


There are many treatments for fatty liver. One of these methods is exercising. The best exercises to treat fatty liver are aerobic and endurance exercises because these exercises are good treatment options because they reduce fat and blood sugar. Liver They are fatty.

Studies have shown that regular exercise can burn fat even if it does not lead to weight loss Liver Reduce!

Patients with fatty liver should avoid saturated fats, sugar, salt, cigarettes and foods high in carbohydrates such as sweets and rice.

Consume fresh vegetables and fruits Fatty Liver Highly recommended.

Medications are used only due to scientific necessity and limited amount, which should be done only with a doctor’s prescription.

Although vitamin E (as an antioxidant) can play a role in the treatment of the disease, its improper use is extremely harmful.

Overall Fatty Liver It is an easy and preventable disease that can be prevented and treated, and double stress about this disease is not reasonable and does not require follow-up diagnostic-therapeutic short-term intervals.

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