Everything you need to know about virginity restoration

The hymen is not a reliable criterion to identify being a virgin. Because there are different types of it and the person may have experienced other types of relationships such as oral flirting. Attention should be paid at the time of stimulation, because at the time of stimulation, the behavior comes from the unconscious, and usually people have less control over their emotional and mental states, and the possibility of role playing is very low.

The hymen is actually a thin membrane, with a hole or holes for the flow of menstrual blood to pass through it, and something that specifically blocks the entrance to the vagina of women. What is the existence and meaning of the hymen is one of the eternal and hidden mysteries. It is in women’s bodies.

Today, thanks to scientific advances and cultural changes, our information about this issue has increased and our view has become closer to reality.


Some are born with no hymen, others have no holes, while others have very thick membranes that may require a doctor’s help to tear the hymen to avoid pain during sexual intercourse. The method is called cutting the hymen. During the first penetration, the hymen is torn in several places and divided into several pieces. Often, until the woman gives birth to a baby, the remainder of the hymen will remain in the vaginal opening.

The important types of curtains are:
1- Hymen without pores
2- Triangular hymen
3- Ring-type hymen (expandable and non-expandable)
4- Crescent-type hymen
5- Bridge type hymen (two pieces)
6- Sieve-type hymen
7- Tabbed type hymen
8- Serrated hymen
9- Absence of hymen naturally
10- The hymen is very hard and rigid

Virginity can have different forms, it should be understood that its review cannot be a solid reason to prove that a person has had sex or not. This wrong judgment can also trouble people whose hymen is damaged due to sports activities, masturbation, tampon use, excessive stretching, lack of birth, medical tests, etc. Even many documents indicate that tearing of the hymen due to excessive stretching in activities such as dancing, gymnastics or horse riding is also common.

Repairing the hymen of girls
It is enough for women who have lost their hymen to see its miraculous effects half an hour before sex on the wedding night. This suppository, at the internal temperature of the body, breaks its gelatin shell and its contents come out of the vagina in the form of a red liquid.

According to the medical journal of the Utrecht Academy, “Ine Ke Van Sommeren”, a specialist in gynecological diseases at the Medical Academy in Utrecht (Netherlands), is the manufacturer of this drug. And in a conversation with the medical journal of the “Otrecht” Academy, he says: “Every year, about 20 people come to me who want to repair their hymen. My colleagues in other cities also have many clients for hymen repair.

Depending on the client’s condition, I decide on hymen repair. I repair some and reject about half of the cases. For example, if a girl has been raped and her future is in jeopardy because of this issue, I will perform the repair of the hymen.

But when a woman comes and says that she wants to repair her hymen after divorce and for a second marriage, I oppose her request. Using the miraculous medicine is virginity. Since long ago and in various traditions, the appearance of red drops on the sheets has been a source of happiness on the wedding night.

The display of cloth with blood stains is accompanied by cheering and “pulling the whole” of the women of the family. This is despite the fact that only in 60% of cases, during the first sexual intercourse, the vaginal wall is scratched and a few drops of blood come out. However, in some cases, the same few drops are the savior of the bride’s life.

Today, the traces of such traditions have been extended to European countries as well. The bearers of these traditions are mostly immigrants. “This is what Van Sommeren” says about this: “Most of my clients are Moroccan and Turkish girls. But sometimes Dutch women also come to me. But this category is women who have converted to Islam and want to restore their hymen for marriage or new relationships.

According to Van Sommeren, the scientific and medical community of the Netherlands considers this operation pointless because there is no medical or scientific necessity in it. This surgery is done in private clinics. The prohibition of hymen repair has been discussed several times in the Netherlands.

“This is what van Sommeren” says: “Before ordering the production of this hymen repair pill to the pharmacies, I discussed my decision with a special commission that is related to the ethical and customary level of the matter. They first said that making and using such a pill would morally mean participating in the deception of people (men) who, after seeing the red liquid on their wedding night sheets, think that their wives were virgins. But I was able to convince the commission that saving a woman who may lose her life in an honor killing because she is not a virgin is more important than this speech.

In addition, “This is Famen Sumeren” faces another criticism, and that is that such actions and the provision of such services lead to the preservation of reactionary traditions. His answer to such criticisms is: “Yes, it is true, in this way we have preserved these traditions, but when we preserve these traditions, we spice them up.”

Damage and rupture of the hymen

Some activities can cause irreversible damage and tearing of the hymen. Contrary to the opinion of some who think that the hymen of girls is located inside the vagina, the hymen, which is made of the vaginal wall, is located in the external part of the female reproductive system and in the opening. The vagina is located. There are several types of hymen in terms of form, which have already been mentioned.

Some activities can cause irreversible damage and tearing of the hymen, including:

Heavy sports including gymnastics

– Having intercourse and sexual activity with a man – penetration of the penis

– The act of masturbation, if accompanied by inserting an object into the vagina, can cause tearing and damage to the hymen.

Some are also born with the problem of damage or even absence of hymen.

Accidents can also damage and tear the hymen.

-Severe pelvic operations

It is noteworthy that all the issues mentioned above regarding damage and rupture of the hymen can be examined and diagnosed by a doctor 100%.

The hymen has a very sensitive and thin tissue and is vulnerable to the slightest irritation. Although small and brief irritations do not cause complete damage to the hymen, this partial damage is irreversible and detectable and causes it to become sensitive and there is a possibility of tearing the hymen.

Usually, in ancient times, to ensure that a girl is a virgin during the first sexual intercourse, a white handkerchief soaked in the blood of her virginity was used. Virginal blood is menstrual blood or blood that comes out of the repaired hymen.

Usually, more or less severe bleeding occurs after tearing the hymen. We don’t have a minimum for bleeding in this case, it may be one or two drops or maybe more, but at most it will be as much as one diaper is soaked, and what is certain is that this bleeding should not continue. That’s the point. It is appropriate if someone attempts to restore virginity because it is no longer possible to use normal blood due to the rupture of the hymen, usually the amount of bleeding will be more than normal or there will be no bleeding at all. The blood of the hymen usually clots quickly, and the difference with the blood of other parts of the body is that it contains a small amount of vaginal cells.

There is also a difference between menstrual blood and hymen blood, because menstrual blood has less fibrinogen, so it clots more slowly and contains a lot of vaginal cells, while blood from the hymen clots faster and contains small amounts of vaginal cells. Is.

The cause of virginity
Because during the first sexual intercourse, the hymen (if present) prevents the penetration of the penis to a certain extent due to its smaller diameter than the diameter of the male penis. This rupture, like other ruptures in the body, causes pain, burning, and bleeding. So, if during the first sexual intercourse, you encounter the narrow width of the vagina along with an obstacle that does not allow the penetration of the male penis, the person has never had vaginal penetration. I think that if you have a little knowledge in this field, you will easily feel the difference in the width caused by finger masturbation and the width caused by the male penis.

Diagnosis of the time of rupture of virginity
Usually, up to 2 weeks after the rupture of the hymen, the exact date can be guessed from the external signs, and a specialist doctor or midwife can guess the date of the rupture up to 1 month, and after 1 month, the time of the rupture of the veil cannot be known in any way. In terms of appearance, if the hymen is not repaired, the edges of the new tear in the hymen are usually red and scarred, and traces of clotted blood can be seen in it. After about a week, the edges of the cut are covered with mucus similar to the hymen And after about two weeks, the edges of the wound are relatively removed. If the hymen has been repaired, the above steps are not performed. Another important point is that the torn edges are free and not connected to each other, so they will never be welded together, and if two torn pieces are sewn together and the hymen is repaired, The repair will be marked as a small light raised scar.

In the end, I emphasize that psychological-emotional virginity is much more important than physical virginity. Because if a person has experienced a warm emotional relationship and has not finished that relationship emotionally before marriage. A person in all aspects He compares the relationship between himself and his wife with that ideal relationship and is discouraged by his wife. In addition, from this method, women can easily find out whether their husband is experiencing sexual intercourse for the first time. Have you experienced it before?

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