Everything you need to know about women having two uteruses

Among the signs of women having two uteruses, we can mention: excessive and abnormal bleeding during menstruation and abnormal pain before or during menstruation. Tests that women with two uteruses should perform include: ultrasound, MRI, sonohysterogram. It is hysterosalpingography.

Some women have two wombs
Biuterine complications in women are very rare and sometimes never diagnosed. Women with two uteruses are more likely to have miscarriages and premature babies. In female fetuses, the uterus is initially in the form of two small tubes. During fetal development, these two tubes join together to form a larger, hollow organ called the uterus.
But sometimes, these two tubes do not connect completely and each one grows and enlarges separately. In this situation, two wombs are created in the baby girl’s body. These two wombs may have one opening to one vagina, or each uterus may have a separate opening. There may even be two vaginas.

It needs treatment only if the double uterine complication causes symptoms and complications in the person, such as pelvic pain, frequent miscarriage and premature birth.
Early detection of this problem is important, especially if you are trying to get pregnant or have repeated miscarriages

Symptoms of double uterus in women
Some women have two uteruses and this problem is never known, even during pregnancy and childbirth. Often each uterus has a separate opening. Some women have two uteruses, even two vaginas.

Possible symptoms of double uterus are:
– Abnormal pain and pressure before or during menstruation
Abnormal bleeding during menstruation, such as heavy bleeding

When should we go to the doctor?
If you have symptoms of double uterus, go to a gynecologist. Early diagnosis of this problem is important, especially if you want to get pregnant or have frequent miscarriages. Improve your safe delivery. If you notice during pregnancy that you have two wombs, talk to your doctor first. With the cooperation of the doctor, you can have a plan for optimal care of yourself and the fetus during pregnancy and childbirth.

Uterine complications in women
Most women with double uterus have marital relations, pregnancy and normal deliveries. But sometimes, double uterus and other uterine problems lead to infertility and abortion in women. It also causes premature birth (premature birth) and placement The baby is abnormal in the mother’s womb, for example, instead of the baby’s head being down, his hips and legs are down.

Ways to diagnose double uterus in women
A double uterus complication may be detected during a pelvic examination by a gynecologist, when the doctor observes two cervixes or notices an abnormal shape of the uterus.

The doctor recommends the following tests to diagnose the double uterine complication:
1- Ultrasound
2- Sonohysterogram: After injecting a liquid into the uterus through the vagina and cervix, a sonohysterogram (ultrasound scan) is performed, and the doctor can check the problems related to the shape of the uterus through this method.

3- MRI
If you are pregnant and have two uteruses, you are at a higher risk of pregnancy complications because your uterus is smaller.

4- Hysterosalpingography: During this procedure, a special dye is injected into the uterus through the cervix. As this dye moves through the reproductive organs, it is x-rayed to determine the size and shape of the uterus.

Biuterine treatment in women
If a woman has two uteruses, but does not have any special symptoms or complications, the need for treatment is very low. Surgery to join the two uteruses is rarely performed, although surgery can help you to maintain the pregnancy. If you are pregnant and have two uteruses, you are at a higher risk of pregnancy complications because your uterus is smaller. This factor can cause premature birth and often cesarean delivery.

Talk to your doctor about your concerns about childbirth, as he or she can tell you about ways to prevent premature labor or control birth.

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