Exacerbation of asthma in children with overweight

In the latest research conducted by researchers regarding children with asthma. It has been noticed that obese children with asthma are hospitalized more often than thin children with asthma.

The results of a new survey showed obesity symptoms Asthma It aggravates the child and encourages it.

Researchers studied the records of nearly 40,000 Japanese children with asthma and found that obese children with asthma were admitted to the hospital far more than thin children with asthma; In addition, their hospitalization period is longer than children with balanced weight.

The analysis of the obtained data shows as a warning, people who are obese more than others may be in acute conditions and die due to diseases.

The “CDC” report published last week showed that about a fifth of American children are obese, and based on the available evidence, the obesity crisis in the United States is growing.

The researchers of this study believe, Obese children They need more care and the government should allocate more funds for them.

Experts warn that if the obesity crisis is left unchecked, a host of weight-related health problems await.

Source: Fars news agency

30 Mehr 1396 23:34

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