Exacerbation of asthma with processed meats

Researchers have found that eating processed meat foods on a regular basis, such as ham and sausages, may exacerbate asthma. A French study of nearly 1,000 people with respiratory illness found that those who ate the meat had 76 percent more asthma symptoms than those who ate the meat less.

These symptoms include Respiratory problems, Chest tightness and shortness of breath. These meats cause diseases by having a chemical called nitrate to keep them from spoiling late.

Chronic diseases associated with these meats include cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In addition, these substances have recently been classified in the list of carcinogens.

This classification is performed by the World Health Organization (WHO). But there is still a wide gap between the harms of processed meats and the public awareness of them.

The researchers said that this study could not prove that eating these meats worsens asthma; Rather, he says there is only one connection between them. They noted that the public health strategy calls for people to reduce their consumption of processed meats.

Asthma affects 235 million people worldwide, according to the WOH. Common stimulants of this disease are: allergies in the environment such as: dust and hair of pets, allergens such as pollen, tobacco smoke, various chemical stimulants in the workplace.

Researchers say we need to find out if the salt and preservatives in these products may cause this phenomenon. More than 2,000 people with asthma have been studying this question for about twenty years.

The research team surveyed 971 people on a complete diet, weight, Asthma symptoms And put demographic information. Diet was measured using a food questionnaire. Researchers consider meat to be eaten as ham, sausages and hot dogs. Low consumption was classified as one serving per week.

Medium intake was one to four servings and high intake was for four or more servings per week. In the second period of studies, it was observed that asthma symptoms increased by 14% in low consumption, 29% in medium consumption and 24% in high consumption.

After consuming cigarettes, regular physical activity, age, sex, and training, 76% of people who eat processed meats have asthma symptoms compared to those who eat less or no meat at all. They had worse.

They also said that overweight and obesity were also linked to asthma, and that only 14% of processed meat could play an independent role in asthma symptoms.

Source: Dr. Salam

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