Examining diseases caused by receiving contaminated blood

We have all heard the names of diseases such as AIDS, blood cancer, hepatitis, etc.; But we have no information about these dangerous diseases and how they are transmitted. The human body naturally reacts by being exposed to various internal or external factors that are not compatible with its composition. Ironically, blood is an integral part of the body’s circulatory system, which transports different substances to different parts of the body. Now imagine, a compound enters our blood circulation system and we can’t indulge ourselves with it.Blood often becomes impure or infected due to various diseases. In this case, people need blood transfusion process. The job of the blood bank is to collect donated blood and store it to be used when needed. Although blood is tested before and after donation, sometimes a problem occurs. In this matter, there is no doubt that blood transfusion can save a person’s life, but if safety and health precautions are not followed, there is a possibility of transmission of infection and many diseases. In the rest of this article, diseases that can be transmitted through contaminated blood are mentioned. It is worth mentioning that this article does not mean to negate the valuable work of donors to meet the vital needs of patients and the efforts of our country’s blood transfusion organization in the process of preparing and storing donated blood.
This disease is the most deadly disease that threatens humans. AIDS is transmitted in different ways, one of which is blood transfusion.
Bone cancer:
Bone cancer can develop in the cells that make up bones. Since blood is present in these cells, there is a high possibility that it is a carrier of infectious germs.
Hepatitis/viral hepatitis:
This disease is actually a liver infection that can cause a severe type of jaundice. Types of hepatitis include A, B, C, D, E, G. This deadly disease kills millions of people every year. This is one of the diseases caused by blood transfusion.
The number of people with leukemia or blood cancer is increasing day by day. In this disease, blood cells are damaged and their ability to fight the disease decreases. These patients have a shorter lifespan compared to other patients.
Sickle cell anemia:
This is another blood disease caused by infected blood transfusion. Doctors agree that this disease is hereditary and is transmitted through blood.
This disease is often transmitted by parents to their children. This disease prevents the creation of new blood cells and that is why blood transfusion is the only way to treat it.
There are many other diseases that may be transmitted to a person through the transfusion of infected blood, for which it is necessary to act cautiously.

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October 2, 2015 01:15

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