Examining the most appropriate strategies to prevent cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous threats to health and even human life. Cancer has various causes. From job and living environment to diet and other daily habits; Apart from the fact that the treatment of this disease will be very difficult; Exorbitant costs must also be paid for the treatment of this disease; In this article, we intend to introduce you to cancer prevention methods and early detection of this disease. Stay with Dr. Salam.

Continuous follow-up and tests are the way to prevent the occurrence of cancers

A specialist in oncology and hematology of blood and cancer in West Mazandaran said: continuous follow-up and tests are the way to prevent cancers.

Shahrbanu Kihanian stated at the conference on common women’s cancers at Payam Noor University, Ramsar: Cancer is the abnormal growth of body cells and it can be anywhere in the body.

He pointed to the reasons for the start cancer Stating that breast and cervix are the most common cancers in women, he clarified: the prevalence of breast cancer is due to hormonal reasons such as not giving birth on time, not breastfeeding, using birth control pills, and hereditary disorders.

This specialist in oncology and hematology of blood and cancer said about the prevention of cancer: the program that the government has is the primary prevention of this disease, and after the age of 20, you should be examined on the seventh to tenth day of your period, and at the age of menopause, you should go to medical centers for breast examination every year. Until the age of 40, visit a doctor every two to three years for examination.

He added: It is necessary for people over 40 years old to go to health centers for examination every year and between 40 and 50 years old to have mammograms every two years and over 50 years old to have mammograms every year because primary prevention methods Breast Cancer Is.

Kihanian stated: For cervical cancer, every woman should have a pap smear three years after the first sexual contact and then annually. It is necessary for the person to refer to a center to interpret the pap smear for him and if it is not normal, refer for other diagnostic methods.

He added: for the primary prevention of oral cancer womb In women, the necessary care should be taken and vaginal infections should be treated with timely examination so that it does not lead to cervical cancer.

Kihanian stated: Politicians and planners of the Ministry of Health should set up cancer prevention centers and cancer prevention facilities should be provided to the people.

This specialist in oncology and hematology of blood and cancer said about common cancers in men: statistics show that the most common cancer in men is the prostate and primary and secondary prevention should be done. In primary prevention, adherence to diet and abstinence from smoking and alcohol should be considered. In secondary prevention after 50 years, PSA marker test should be done once a year. This test shows prostate cancer.

Kihanian added: “Colon and stomach cancer is very common in the west of Mazandaran in the past years, and colon cancer is very common in men and women, and primary prevention methods should be carried out, which is associated with diet, fiber and prevention of constipation.” .

He said: Outbreak gastric cancer It has increased in Mazandaran and unfortunately it is seen in more advanced stages and sometimes the patient does not come in time and the symptoms are confused with the symptoms of other diseases such as stomach bacteria.

This specialist in oncology and hematology of blood and cancer in West Mazandaran added: One of the problems of cancer patients is late treatment, and the patient does not follow up with the diagnosis of cancer, but a decision should be made by referring to the doctor and based on the treatment plan.

He said that the authorities should pay more attention to the insurances of cancer patients and that the drugs given to the cancer departments should be more effective and the 12th government, which was the founder of the health program, should strengthen the treatment and drugs department of the patients.

Source: ISNA

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