Examining the phenomenon of satiety from a scientific point of view

Maybe you have seen people who are full later than others when eating, or you know people who have low appetite. Appetite and satiety in people are controlled in a part of the brain called cingula, which we will talk about later.

Satiety and hunger should be considered a visceral feeling. When you have drunk a press of chalukbab sultani, in order to tell your friend that you are full, you unconsciously draw your hand slowly on your stomach and express your feeling of fullness…

The feeling of hunger is shown in almost the same way; The feeling of a weak heart or a rumbling stomach! And of course, some people who are more humorous, say to bring the food sooner because the large intestine swallowed my small intestine! The question is how this feeling is created in us?

There is an area in our brain called “cingula”. This area forms part of the cortex or the gray cells. The cingula is where all visceral sensations are experienced. Abdominal pain, biliary colic, flatulence, heartburn, heartburn, stabbing pains in the stomach, heartburn, and even anxiety and depression are feelings that are processed in this part of the brain. Of course, most of these feelings are not very pleasant and the feeling of satiety should be considered an exception because our body often does not feel anything when it is in a good state. For example, when you don’t feel your breathing, it means that you are breathing without any problem.

A constant problem

The feeling of hunger should be considered the most important factor that initiates eating because no one can be found who eats only because of the supply of necessary substances for his body; Everyone eats to satisfy hunger. In most cases, this feeling forms the two ends of the spectrum with the feeling of satiety, and they control the amount of food a person eats well, but sometimes, for some reason, the cingulate part of the brain does not do its job well, and a person still feels full despite eating a lot of food. He is hungry. One of the main reasons for this problem is misleading cingula.

As you know, the human brain only feeds on glucose, that’s why any factor that reduces blood glucose will cause glucose not to reach the brain and sound the danger light of the brain. Eating foods that have a high glycemic index, with a sudden increase in insulin and a sudden drop in sugar, are the most important factors that send a false alarm signal to the brain. For this reason, sugary substances should be considered the most important cause of false appetite. On the contrary, substances that have a low glycemic index play an effective role in appetite control. Among these foods, we can mention apples, wholemeal flour, etc. It is the stimulation of the cingulate and the feeling of satiety that keeps us from eating more. So if we can stimulate the cingula earlier, we will probably be successful in controlling appetite. The answer to this question has probably made many appetite control drug companies rich, but why don’t eating disorder experts recommend such drugs? The reason is clear; The human body can strongly oppose any external factor that causes artificial stimulation of a part of the brain and in the long run neutralize the effect of that medicinal substance. This causes the user of the drug to increase its consumption to get the same effect, and this is the reason why the person will gradually become addicted to the drug.

Permanent solution

The main question here is how to stimulate the cingula so that we feel full sooner? In answer to this question, it should be said that the cingula is not only stimulated by eating food, but all stages from zero to one hundred foods stimulate it. People who like to get full sooner are advised to cook by themselves. Even if they have the opportunity to buy and prepare the necessary ingredients from the market. Table setting and food decorations also help to further stimulate the cingula. Just like when you realize that your next week’s travel plan is fixed, you enjoy the trip because the enjoyment of the trip is not limited only to reaching the destination, but it starts from the moment of decision. Enjoying food also begins when you pick up your shopping cart and go to the store. You must know many people who never feel full because they are often from restaurants and prepared foods, and their cingula brain is only at the table, which gives them a chance to be stimulated, and of course, this time is too short to be stimulated.

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