Excess weight is an obstacle for women to reach orgasm

What factors affect and prevent women from reaching orgasm? Excess weight can have a negative effect on women and prevent women from reaching orgasm. Losing weight can facilitate this.

Experts believe that many women can hardly experience orgasm, but this issue is not directly related to their weight.

But it should also be taken into account that the more overweight women are, the harder it is to have an orgasm. When women are overweight, plaques form in the small blood vessels around their genital area, restricting blood flow.

This is why losing weight can help women orgasm. In fact, the appropriate weight makes the blood flow return to normal and the sensitivity of the vaginal area increases, which ultimately increases the possibility of orgasm.

Also, losing weight allows women to experience more and more different sexual situations. In fact, appropriate weight allows women to have more mobility and flexibility and to be in positions that increase the likelihood of orgasm.

A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that only 63% of women experience orgasm during sex.

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