Excessive use of chocolate and anxiety

Try not to overdo the consumption of chocolate, coffee, cocoa and other such foods because they play a significant role in increasing your stress and anxiety and can make you anxious. are useful

Referring to the effect of soy consumption in reducing stress, the nutritionist said: Lecithin contained in this food strengthens the body’s immune system and reduces stress.
Regarding the therapeutic properties of soy, Korosh Jafarian stated: Soy is a plant that contains vitamins B, C, E, K and some carotene, and mineral salts of calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and copper are also present in it.
He added: Lecithin in soy produces a coating around the nervous tissue and in stressful situations, it is affected by the high excretion of magnesium in the body, and if you eat soy, it compensates for this deficiency and reduces stress and strengthens the body’s immune system. .
This nutritionist said: “Unfavorable nutrition, consumption of fatty foods is also a factor for aggravating stress, and caffeine in tea, coffee, and excessive consumption of chocolate, due to their caffeine content, also play a large role in stimulating stress and anxiety.” Therefore, high consumption of these substances is not recommended, especially for children.
Jafarian stated: Extreme stress and anxiety, which are out of balance, not only make a person suffer from mental illness, but also disturb the physiological state of the body, so we recommend people to prevent it by keeping calm and consuming the right foods. Create and aggravate this problem in your body.
This nutritionist considered the consumption of substances containing omega-3 useful for reducing stress and said: substances containing omega-3 are effective in reducing mental and emotional problems; Therefore, it is recommended to consume seafood, soybeans and walnuts that have a lot of omega-3.
He pointed out: Stress and anxiety can make a person overeat or lose weight, so there is a connection between stress, overeating and thinness.

November 19, 2014 11:05

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