Exercise and weight loss hormone

Some of the body’s hormones will be very effective in preventing weight loss. In this regard, we have various tips for you. If you are suffering from overweight, it is better to look for the hormonal reasons in your body to help them burn fat to achieve the desired result. There are several ways to convert white fat to brown fat. It is not bad to pay attention to them in the continuation of this section.

Although nutrition plays an important role in your weight loss and fitness, along with exercise and physical activity, you will get the most acceptable results. Join us to learn how to do this.

◊ The effect of exercise hormone on weight loss

New research from the University of Florida shows that during exercise, your body releases a hormone that not only reduces your body fat, but also prevents the production and accumulation of new fat, which in turn helps the body. You will lose weight and stay slimmer.

Researchers at Harvard University in 2012 discovered a hormone called irisin in the muscles of the body, which is the cause of a number of properties of exercise. They showed that the release of this hormone during exercise can turn white fat into brown fat, and this brown fat is easily burned during exercise.

جدید Now a new study by researchers has shown that the hormone iriazin can inhibit the production of new fat in the body.

⬅️ Researchers say that this hormone can inhibit the conversion of stem cells to fat cells and stimulate their conversion to bone cells. Previous studies have shown that irizin can improve cardiac function by increasing the heart’s access to calcium.

ه This hormone can also inhibit the production of intravascular plaque, resulting in atherosclerosis or atherosclerosis by inhibiting the accumulation of inflammatory cells.

دیگر Other hormones effective in weight loss

Ghrelin is produced in the stomach and, like most fat-burning hormones, works with the brain to send the message of hunger. Reducing calorie intake to lose weight increases ghrelin production. According to the “Prevention” site, even after a year of adopting a low-calorie diet, the level of ghrelin may remain high. In fact, the body never gets used to eating less and constantly sends out hunger symptoms. This is why maintaining weight is harder than losing weight. Of course, with proper exercise, the amount of ghrelin can be reduced.

Compiled and edited by: Sanaz Motalebi Khameneh, nutritionist and dietitian

Source: Aka Iran

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