Exercise your face to be 3 years younger

Exercise may significantly reduce some of the signs of aging, according to a new and exciting study on the effects of repetitive exercise on a person’s face.

The study, published in JAMA Dermatology, shows that middle-aged women look about three years younger than they did after just a few months of facial exercise, but that may be just a logical reason to put a smile on their husbands’ backs. .

As we all know, unfortunately the human face changes with age. This change begins with the gradual addition of grooves and wrinkles on the skin, which, depending on your perspective, can indicate the passage of years of life or a deep and experienced personality. In any case Sagging face Undoubtedly it happens.

Facial exercise

The main cause of sagging skin is the layers of fat that move under the skin with age. When we are young, these layers of fat, like Lego pieces, come together and form the main structure of our facial lines. But as these layers of fat change with age, the connection between them breaks down and gravity pulls them down, causing the cheeks to dim and the face to wither in general.

In recent years, a number of Facial exercise programs It is available and it is claimed that these exercises are able to reverse many of these apparent effects of aging. These programs are often advertised as “Lifting without surgeryThey are generally developed empirically and instructively by men and women, and only their unique results show their positive and significant effects.

These exercises have become so popular that they have recently attracted the attention of a group of dermatologists at the University of Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. “We found that there are business programs, including DVDs, instructional videos, and even personal trainers, that can help people,” said Dr. Murad Alam, a dermatologist at Northwestern University who is leading the new study. “Let their faces look happier, healthier and even younger.”

Facial exercise

Here are some Facial exercises According to a new study on the “effects of repetition of certain movements on the appearance of people” which has been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms of aging.

Cheek shaping

This exercise helps the cheeks to look better, by tightening the cheek muscles and causing the middle part of your face to generally be pushed slightly upwards.

Smile broadly without showing your teeth, as if you want to show your lips as much as possible. Try to smile with the corners of your mouth so that all the cheek muscles are directed upwards. You may feel a very small amount of “burning” in your mouth.

Place your index fingers exactly at the corners of your mouth, and press them firmly. Then gently rub your fingers on your cheeks and apply strong pressure to the muscles.

– While continuing to squeeze the cheek muscles, move your fingertips up from the muscle fibers on the cheek to the corner of the eyes. When you reach the top of the cheek, stop moving and press your fingers in the same area. So that the muscles are kept in the same area.

– In this case, think for 20 seconds. You should feel the stretch of your cheek muscles. Be careful not to move your fingers too far and do not go beyond your eyes.

– To add pressure and to help keep your fingers in place, you can place your middle fingers on your index fingers. Keep smiling with the corners of your mouth.

Rest for a while, then repeat this exercise two more times.

Facial exercise

Raise eyebrows

This exercise will help you to remove wrinkles on your upper eyelids, raise your eyebrows and smooth the vertical lines between the eyebrows.

– smile. Press the tip of three fingers under your eyebrows upwards to open your eyes with this pressure. Smile as you try to frown and lower your eyebrows against your fingers. Hold this position and take a deep breath.

– Now try to close your upper eyelids and rotate your eyeballs above your head.

– In this case, think for 20 seconds. Take a deep breath as you smile. Then let go of the eyebrows and rest.

– Repeat this exercise three times. Facial exercise

Raising the cheeks

This exercise is designed to lift drooping cheeks and remove wrinkles above the upper lip.

Smile, open your mouth and form a large circle with your mouth open.

Pull your upper lip into the mouth and under the upper teeth. Smile again to point your cheeks up. Gently place your index fingers above your cheeks – below your eyes. Then return the species to its original state.

Smile again, guide the cheeks upwards and then return to normal. Repeat this movement up and down the cheeks 10 times.

– Pause after raising the cheeks for the tenth time and try to place the cheeks in the highest possible position.

– In this case, pull your index fingers slightly up and out and stay in this position for 20 seconds. Then release the muscles and relax.

– Repeat this exercise three times.

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