Existence of stress makes you suffer from these diseases

Stress can be considered as one of the main causes of most mental illnesses and also one of the main causes of failure in stressed people. People who are under stress are often unable to make the right decision and often fail. Follow along with Dr. Salam.

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Stresses do not recognize gender, time and place and can happen in any situation and to any person. Studies show that living in big cities is associated with increased stress and mental pressure, which has caused many physical and mental problems for city residents. Stress and nervous tension are one of the most important factors in increasing the rate of cancer in Iran. According to Dr. Behzad Rahmani, a member of the Iranian General Surgeons Association, the change and way of life from traditional to modern has increased stress, which can be one of the causes of cancer.

What can be seen in the Apek Times news shows that life in big cities is associated with increased psychological pressure and this has caused many physical and mental problems for the residents of the cities. An issue that in recent years has gone beyond stress and mental illnesses, and according to experts’ statements and observations, it has appeared in the form of various cancers. According to Dr. Maryam Tabatabaiyan, the secretary of the Cancer Policy Council of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, because stress is a qualitative category. are, they cannot be estimated with quantitative test categories and percentages for them. For example, it is not possible to say how much stress can cause a person to get cancer, but we can say how much a person can get cancer if he is exposed to radiation more than a year. Of course, regarding stress, this number is not small and it cannot be proven. In an interview he had with Isfahan Ziba, Tabatabaiyan stated: Currently, researchers have tried to investigate the stress of individuals in relation to the population in the society. do According to the research that has been done, stress can cause disease, so stress can play a role not only in causing cancer but also in causing many diseases. According to him, when stress occurs, a number of mediators are created in the body, which we call stress mediators. At this time, substances are released that may interfere with the natural substances of the cell. For example, it may affect the immune system of one person and the cell reproduction system of another person, so the mechanisms that exist at the cellular level and interfere with the body’s immune system can be effective in causing cancer. Secretary of Cancer Policy Council of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, it cannot be said that stress is the only cause of cancer and other factors are not involved. Usually, other factors are involved in a person getting cancer, but stress may accelerate the process of getting cancer and increase the disease, because in general, stress is pathogenic. In response to the question that it is possible to estimate how many percent Cancers are caused by stress in a person, he said: no statistics show such an estimate, because it is difficult to quantify stress. According to the secretary of the cancer policy council of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, breast cancer is the most common cancer in Isfahan province among women, digestive and prostate cancers are the most common cancer among men, and blood cancer is the most common cancer among children. Emphasizing that cancer statistics are increasing in Isfahan, he points out: Cancer statistics are increasing in developing countries and this increase will be accompanied by an increase in the death rate in developing countries. He considers the non-regularity of screening systems and treatment facilities as the most important reason for the growth of diseases among the people and states: the lack of treatment facilities in relation to the population and people’s misconceptions and lack of referral to a doctor cause the disease to overcome people and as a result witness increase the death rate in the society.

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April 22, 1396 01:53

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