Exotic methods for rejuvenation

Blue and red light treatment, vampire method, snail extract, caviar mask, scalp microneedling and sheep embryo treatment are some of the strangest methods ever used to rejuvenate the skin. If they have not received it, they can see special changes in their skin with the help of these methods.

There are irrational beauty treatments for facial skin rejuvenation, from vampire and snail techniques to caviar masks and LED therapy. But the question is, are they just ephemeral fashions or are they worth the high cost? Top beauty experts will tell you which of these beauty treatments, even if very rare, are 6 weird beauty routines that are worth a try. Therefore, we allow you to use these methods by quoting them.

1- Vampire method

Do you remember Kim Kardashian’s famous Instagram post, which was a selfie with a bloody face? Yes, it may sound a little scary, but according to Mona Gohara, a doctor of pharmacy, dermatologist and clinical professor at Yale Medical School, this method of skin care has its benefits. “You use your bloodstream to stimulate collagen production in the facial skin,” he says. “In this method, a person’s blood is drawn and then injected back into the skin using microneedles to achieve the desired result.” The results of this method are clearer skin and darker wrinkles, which is due to the filling effect of blood platelets and plasma.
2- Scalp microneedling

Lean Citron, hairdresser and owner of Andy Lecompte Beauty Salon in Beverly Hills, says microneedling is essential for the scalp. “With a rotating device, he creates microscopic scars on the scalp to allow blood to flow to the surface of the skin and stimulate hair growth,” says Dr. Brian Dibo, a proponent of microneedling. “This method accelerates hair growth suddenly and is suitable for people who want thicker hair.” Citron says he has seen dramatic changes in clients’ moods after receiving the treatment.

3- Snail extract

No, we are not kidding! Joshua Zainer, a dermatologist from New York, says the method really works and is good for the skin. The extract that snails produce is rich in hyaluronic acid, which explains how snail beauty care products help heal the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar that has strong moisturizing properties. This fluid absorbs water from deep inside the skin to hydrate the outer, dry layers of the skin.
4- Caviar mask

Quenches Combined Oxygen and Repair Caviar, Scrub, Caviar Mask, and Liquid Oxygen to smooth and refresh your face. According to Tara Cruz, director of the Cornelia Spa in New York, caviar is a great ingredient for fast firming skin without the hassle of drying, which removes fine lines and wrinkles. This is a great extravagance for a particular occasion or occasion.
5- Treatment with blue and red light

Non-ultraviolet blue light helps to cure acne while red light helps to eliminate fine lines. “Blue and red lights have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and sebaceous gland properties,” said Robert Anolik, Ph.D., a pharmacist and dermatologist at the Center for Laser and Dermatology in New York. The Food and Drug Administration has introduced blue light as a treatment for acne, and devices that can be used at home are also available in stores.

6- Treatment with sheep embryo pair

According to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, Harry Style and Victoria Beckham are big fans of this method. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about the multiplicity of this method. “First, the nutrient-rich parts of the fetal tissue are removed and then used,” says Annie Chiu, a dermatologist at the Derm Institute. According to him, sheep have genetically similar growth factors and human-like signaling proteins. The sheep embryo pair is rich in nutrients as well as proteins and collagen-boosting compounds that make the skin supple, soft and radiant, making it a popular method.

Source: Fitness Magazine

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