Experience comfortable sleep by eating sesame

Sesame is one of the nutritious seeds that has many properties and gives you a lot of energy. Among the properties of sesame, we can mention its anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties, as well as its anti-cancer properties. Sesame is also very effective in treating insomnia. And has anti-fungal and anti-disease properties.

Sesame oil is also used to prevent tooth decay, and is also useful in treating inflammation and swelling of the gums. Sesame leaves are rich in enamel and have been used in the past with other plants to treat dysentery and cholera.

Mineral sesame is an absorbable mineral and contains magnesium, calcium, iron, silica, aluminum, chromium, copper, nickel, sodium and several other metals and metalloids, as well as being rich in B vitamins.

I have to say; Sesame flour is rich in amino acids and has 3 times more calcium milk. Sesame or sesame flour is well used in salads, chicken or meat dishes and cooked vegetables, as well as in flavoring cheese, egg salads, sauces that are based on It is butter or fragrant bread is used.

Sesame has almost all the nutrients needed by the body; Therefore, it is a valuable food for humans and has the properties of meat, but it is not harmful.

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