Expert advice for hemorrhoids

What causes hemorrhoids? How should those who suffer from this complication treat themselves and what are the ways to get rid of this complication? What problems will their defecation face?

About 40% of people with hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids do not have any common symptoms of bleeding, anal itching and pain. But on a physical exam, or during a test such as a colonoscopy to screen for bowel cancer, hemorrhoids may be found.

Hemorrhoids arise from blood vessels in the anal canal and can actually be called anal varicose veins. External hemorrhoids are accompanied by a bulging sensation outside the anus, while internal hemorrhoids may be hidden. Hemorrhoids become more common with age. People who experience more constipation, or have pressure to defecate, also experience hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can also occur in people who have diarrhea, either during or after pregnancy.

Affected people notice red blood during defecation, and if bleeding from the rectum develops, be sure to see a doctor.

Changing your diet can help prevent hemorrhoids. Increasing fiber in the diet, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and using laxatives can be beneficial for patients. In addition, people who are asymptomatic, and have hemorrhoids hidden in them, have to undergo surgery and have it removed.

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