Exposure to white hair at the peak of youth

The hair that turns white is caused by what injuries and what negative effects this factor can have on people’s health. We will study the effective recommendations in this field together.

Referring to the whitening of the hair of people, Dr. Parserchi, a skin and hair expert, stated: Hair whitening does not mean old age or a dangerous disease, and it may just be a hereditary factor, or vitamins B1, B12, and pantothenic acid in the body are not sufficient.

He said: Weakening of the body’s defense system, smoking and increase in white blood cells cause premature graying of hair.

Stating that white hair is not a sign of old age, this expert added: the use of minerals such as zinc, iron, potassium and manganese and metals such as titanium and copper can prevent hair from turning white earlier than usual.

Analyzing what was the tool: people who are under stress and their lives are busy, their hair changes color earlier than their peers and also the problem of heredity in gray hair is an incurable fact and people have to deal with this issue mentally.

He continued: With age, the ability to produce collagen in the body decreases, and the pigments around the hair root slowly disappear, and as the number of melanin decreases, its color turns white.

At the end of the analysis, Chi said: white men turn white from the age of 35 and black men turn white from the age of 45, and people who are exposed to X-rays due to various diseases turn white earlier than others.

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April 10, 1395 14:47

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