Expressing sexual expectations and criticisms to the spouse

How to talk about sex and our sexual expectations and desires with our spouse and request our sexual needs from him.

A sex psychiatrist answered the question of how to present your sexual criticism to your partner: “Using the word sexual criticism is not very appropriate in emotional and marital relationships because important factors are involved in shaping a successful sexual relationship.” »

Dr. Gholamhossein Qaidi stated: “Couples should know that sexual satisfaction is a general and multidimensional concept and includes our general feeling towards our sexual relations, which can include a range of positive and negative feelings and not only includes physical pleasure but also The lack of presence of sexual problems is also mental and psychological peace and comfort.”

According to the associate professor of Shahid University, each couple has their own unique characteristics and their own expectations and demands that may be reasonable or unreasonable, so criticizing the spouse for not paying attention to an unreasonable need or desire is meaningless and is a kind of It is considered irrational.

He further pointed out that it is necessary for couples to increase their communication skills and verbal expression so that they can fulfill their sexual desires and needs through sexual dialogue, and said: “It is in a sexual dialogue that couples can talk to each other about their desires and Talk about their needs, agree on what they want to do in their marital relationship, and discuss the agreed upon issues. Therefore, any issue related to sexual relations should be through dialogue, which requires increasing communication and emotional skills.

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