Eyebrow removal with these principled methods

In order to remove your eyebrows correctly and properly, you must follow a series of important points that hairdressers always follow, and that is why you think that you can not remove your eyebrows like them.

Eyebrows have a great effect on the appearance of people, which is why both men and women manipulate the eyebrows a lot. These mistakes usually cause the shape and appearance of the eyebrows to deteriorate.

You raise your eyebrows awkwardly

Beauty magazines usually teach the methods and techniques of eyebrow removal. They show the best eyebrow shape in several shapes and diagrams.

Many times they tell you to draw your desired eyebrow shape with a drawing pencil and remove the rest of the hair. However, the result is not desirable at all. An important reason for this situation is that you do not know exactly how to remove eyebrows and you do not pay attention to your eyebrow model.

Before removing the eyebrows, it is better to let your eyebrows be completely full and its true shape is determined, and then choose the design that fits the shape of your face according to the types of eyebrow models. If you want to give your eyebrows a special model, you will definitely ruin it.

You raise your eyebrows too much

You may have heard the advice that removing eyebrows will cause them to become full over time.

This advice is correct. Excessive eyebrow removal can cause the eyebrows to shrink. Sometimes removing the eyebrows will not replace it. This possibility increases with age. Now, if you think that it is better to always remove the eyebrows with wax and draw the desired shape of the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, think more about this point.

If you think you look prettier with thin eyebrows, do not do it again. A life-size eyebrow is definitely more beautiful than a wide or very thin eyebrow.

Remove the thin hair above the eyebrows

Many people are accustomed to removing fluffy hair above the eyebrows. This is a mistake that unfortunately becomes a habit over time and eventually makes your eyebrows appear empty.

Nobody sees the upper hairs of the eyebrows, but it is generally effective in the shape of the eyebrows. Leave them alone and remember that eyebrow hairs should be removed from the top of the eyelid, not from the forehead. Fill in the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil. The pencil with which you fill the eyebrows must be for eyebrows.

You do not fill in the eyebrows

Not everyone has full eyebrows. Just like not everyone has full hair. But to shape the eyebrows, you have to completely fill in the empty parts of the eyebrows.

In any case, this is your eyebrow, whether you can improve eyebrow hair growth with treatment methods or not. But in any case, it is always possible to paint the inside of the eyebrows with a pencil.

Do not comb your eyebrows

If you have long eyebrows, your eyebrows may look drooping and messy. Long hair at the end of the eyebrows should not be cut short. The best way is to arrange them with a special eyebrow brush. You can also use a little eyebrow gel to keep your eyebrows tidy.

You use a razor

There are eyebrow razors that many people are accustomed to using to shape their eyebrows. But it is better not to use a razor anymore. The best way to arrange the eyebrows and around the eyebrows is to use a band, wax and tweezers. It is true that razors are effective for cleaning excess hair on other parts of the body, but razors are not really suitable for women’s faces.

You do not have suitable tweezers

To remove eyebrows, you must have a pair of suitable, professional and handy tweezers. Tweezers that do not hold hair well or are not easy to work with can make eyebrow removal a clumsy task that only damages your eyebrows and irritates your nerves.

Remove eyebrows from the crown area

It makes sense to start to remove the eyebrows from the crown of the eyebrows and work your way to the end. But this method is not correct. To remove eyebrows, you should start from the middle of the eyebrows and in the area where the eyebrows are fuller. Move from the middle of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow and when you have completely arranged the back of the eyelid and under the eyebrow, arrange the crown of the eyebrow.

Closing eyebrows

A common mistake women make is to try to remove excess eyebrows with wax or hair bands on their own. This is undoubtedly a high-risk job, as you may injure yourself and injure and irritate the skin, as well as enter the main part of the eyebrow due to lack of control and damage the entire eyebrow.

It is not right to close your eyebrows too much. It is better to use this method in a limited way and be sure to leave this task to a hairdresser and eyebrow designer.

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