Eyebrow transplantation

What is eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrow transplantation It will help you look more attractive and beautiful, because eyebrows play an important role in beauty. Eyebrow transplantation It is one of the methods that people tend to use to make their face more beautiful, in this article we will review the methods Eyebrow transplantation And Results of eyebrow transplant we pay

Functions and roles of eyebrows in the human body

The eyebrow is a part of the face that consists of only a few hairs. In designing and implanting eyebrows, one should pay great attention to the direction of laying the hair during implantation in the areas (crown, body, tail). So that in the area of ​​the crown of the eyebrows, the hair should be vertical and upward, and in the area of ​​the eyebrow, the angle of the hair should gradually decrease towards the tail.

The important thing about the direction of the hair in the eyebrows is that not only in different areas of the eyebrow (crown, body, tail), the direction of the hair is different, but also in each specific area of ​​the eyebrow (such as the trunk of the eyebrow) where the angle of each hair with the hair is different. The side is different.

How to implant eyebrows

Eyebrow planting area It is prepared and very small incisions are made in the eyebrow area. The clip’s tiny incisions provide rigidity to the individual hairs (grafts) that have already been removed. In order to achieve the best natural results, it is important that the direction and dispersion look natural.

Hair growth implanted in eyebrow Follows the hair pattern. Implanted hair eyebrow They are permanent and constantly grow and need to be trimmed more often than normal eyebrow hair. Patients may need 300 to 1,000 hair follicle transplants per eyebrow. The number of hairs may vary based on the patient’s gender and ethnic background, and finally, the individual’s facial features.

What kind of people are candidates for eyebrow transplant?

– Those who have sparse eyebrows to thicken their eyebrows

– Those whose shape and shape of eyebrows are not beautiful (they always have to correct their shape with eyebrow pencil) can change the shape of their eyebrows. Steps of eyebrow implantation to do

– Those who have burns or stitches (scars) in their eyebrows are the best option to repair them Natural eyebrow implantation Is.

– Those who have tattooed eyebrows before, but are tired of its shape, can use special and professional techniques on their tattoo. Eyebrow transplantation Do.

– Those who have lost part of their eyebrows due to certain diseases or other cases can fill in that area of ​​their eyebrows. Eyebrow transplantation Do.

The cause of eyebrow loss

Eyebrow hair falls due to various reasons. Specific diseases such as hypothyroidism Cause of eyebrow loss is. Another situation that with Eyebrow transplantation improves, Over-plucking or over-trimming It is.

Eyebrow transplantation

In addition, injuries or accidents may cause eyebrow hair loss. Surgical hair loss also occurs due to skin cancer treatment or other surgeries in this area. Some people are born with low-backed eyebrows and want to have them Eyebrow transplantationhave thicker eyebrows to make their eyes and face look more beautiful and attractive.

Remarkable points and subtleties of eyebrow planting

First, we divide the eyebrow into 3 parts:

1- Eyebrow crown (head)

2- Eyebrow body

3- eyebrow tail

in crown planting eyebrow The hair should be laid at a proper angle and facing up. (so they don’t find a vertical position)

In planting the body from the eyebrow crown to the tail of the eyebrow, the angle of the hair should be gradually reduced so that the hair is planted tangentially in the skin with a zero degree angle.

Even the type of hair that is for Eyebrow transplant A suitable diameter is used eyebrow hair have (that is, you should not use thick hair for eyebrows)

The diameter of the pores of the hair transplant in the eyebrows should be smaller because if the pores are large, the output of the eyebrow hairs will be thick and unnatural.

The place where the transplanted hairs should be placed should be very close to each other and very dense so that the skin under the eyebrow hairs cannot be seen.

Care after eyebrow transplant surgery

Eyebrow transplantation

after Eyebrow hair transplant surgery, there will be some bleeding and you will see a scab closing the wound. The eyebrow area swells a little, but within a few days complications Eyebrow transplantation decreases. It also makes you feel a little itchy. Be careful not to scratch the transplanted area until it heals completely. If some symptoms are still present after the recommended time, see your surgeon.

Results of eyebrow transplant

The results are permanent and you will notice the difference very quickly. Generally, in an FUE hair transplant, full results are obtained within 12 months. To Eyebrow hair transplantfull results are obtained in less time, but still take several months.

Hair grows in three stages, so don’t worry if you experience hair loss after hair transplant. it is normal. Hair growth varies from person to person, and as the transplanted hair continues to grow, just like the original donor area, you will need to trim the hair to maintain a proper appearance. This is not a problem for patients, because most of them are below eyebrow They have a habit of removing or modifying a part of their body on a regular basis.

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