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Face Mapping: 9 Underlying Causes of Face Blemishes

When I used to work in a place that used harsh chemical cleaners and other lung irritants, I always had issues with the sides of my cheeks. Although I’ve never suffered from acne, these blemishes were embarrassing, especially because I eat so clean and take incredibly good care of my body.

When I came across face mapping, a technique that combines Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine, it all made perfect sense. The chemicals I was breathing in every day were irritating my lungs, and my face was desperately trying to tell me so. Not to mention, during and right before my menstrual cycle, my chin area often breaks out.

Face mapping basically explains how different areas of the body are connected with certain parts of your face. Spots in different zones correspond to different problems, and give you a pretty good idea as to what area of the body needs a little TLC.

Remember, our skin directly reflects the inner workings of our body – as soon as you address the underlying causes of blemishes and acne, then you will not only help heal your face, but you will help heal your body, too.

With that being said, using the face map below, you can decode breakouts in these 9 areas of the face:


1. Bladder

Try to eat more natural diuretics to help flush the bladder. Things like celery, cucumber and watermelon all get rid of excess fluids and toxic build-up. Drink at least 3-4 litres of water per day.

2. Small Intestine

Eat less processed and junk foods, and try to reduce the amount of fat in your diet. Drink plenty of water and maybe consider cutting out wheat and dairy for a week or two to see if this helps.

3. Heart

Many people suffer from cardiovascular-related problems. Check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Try to reduce your intake of saturated-fatty foods like meat, eggs, and dairy and start replacing bad fats with good fats like avocado, hemp seeds, and nuts. Beets are also wonderful for the circulatory system, and have been found to help reduce high blood pressure.

4. Liver

The liver is our major detox organ (aside from the kidneys and intestines), and if it isn’t working properly, then toxins will instead manifest as skin conditions instead of being processed through the liver. Cut out alcohol, greasy food and dairy, and supplement with dandelion root and juiced dandelion greens. This area is also a sign that you have certain food sensitivities and allergies, so cut out wheat, eggs and dairy. Get plenty of sleep as well, so that your liver gets some rest time.

5. Kidneys

If you want to clear this area of your face, you might want to start drinking more water to help flush toxins from the kidneys. Also, increasing the amount of natural diuretics you consume (to help increase urine flow) like cucumbers, celery and watermelon, is another great way to help reduce blemishes in this area.

6. Stomach

Help your digestion with more plant-based fibre and consider a detox to help reduce toxin overload. Herbal teas like peppermint and liquorice root are great for the stomach. Also practice mindful eating – chew your food properly and make sure you learn crucial food-combining rules (when I started following them, my digestion improved significantly!).

7. Lungs

Get plenty of fresh air, and get rid of any chemical irritants in your household like cleaners, perfumes, air-sprays and the like. Try eating some watercress, too! It is great for the lungs.

8. Large Intestine

Focus on diet, and start thinking about food sensitivities. It could be wheat or dairy that is bothering your system, or some malabsorption issues. Drink more water and consider eating more alkaline-forming foods like plenty of leafy greens, and fruit like watermelon and grapes!

9. Gynecological Problems

This area is often linked to hormones and “that time of the month.” It is also linked to stress. Although menstrual cycles are unavoidable, you can try to de-stress by getting enough sleep, using lavender as a calming aid and up-taking yoga or learning certain breathing techniques. Another interesting thing to note is that this area often indicates when you are ovulating (and on which side!).

chinese face map with text - face mapping: what your breakouts are telling you about your health

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