Facial angulation with filler injection

The face is the most important part of a person’s appearance that a person always tries to keep it beautiful and diligent in its maintenance. There are important parts such as the nose and eyes in the face, all of which must be taken care of so that they do not get injured. Sometimes many factors can reduce the beauty of the face. Weight loss, aging, and inappropriate cosmetics can make the skin on the face droop, which causes a person to suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Also, the appropriate angles, if any, will be lost.

For these reasons, there have been many surgeries and injections for facial beauty, one of which is angularization of the face by fillers. In face angulation, fillers are injected into the face and make the angles around the face return to their previous state and make the face look much more beautiful. In fact, the angles make the face form well.

The benefits of injecting filler for facial angulation

After you are familiar with filler, it is better to know its benefits and understand why others use this method to angle their face. In the following section, you will learn about some of the benefits of fillers:

  • In many surgeries, the doctor needs to cut a part of your face. This causes many wounds on your face. There is no such thing in filler injection and you will not get scars.
  • Some surgeries cause imbalance in the face. It means that a person gets older with time, but that surgery is still there at a young age and creates asymmetry in the face. Filler injections age at the same time as the face and have a natural process.
  • Many surgeries cannot give the same natural feeling to the patient. In fact, the patient always feels that he has an artificial part in his face and this bothers him. There is no such thing in filler injection and the person will have a completely natural feeling.
  • One of the great advantages of this injection is its use in other surgeries. This cosmetic method can be used in other surgeries so that the patient can perform several cosmetic procedures on his face.

Necessary measures before performing angulation of the face with filler

Avoiding some drugs and drinks

Whenever you inject fillers, Botox, etc., bruising will be one of its natural side effects. Therefore, to minimize bruising, avoid products that affect your blood concentration, such as aspirin, Advil, etc.

Visit the beauty clinic with clean skin

It is necessary to be completely makeup-free on the day you visit the clinic for filler injections.

Eat before the filler injection

It is necessary to eat a full meal before the filler injection. Sometimes, people who have not eaten before the injection may feel weak during the injection. So don’t forget to eat lunch or breakfast before filler injection.

Procedures for injecting filler to make the face angular

In this method, the doctor tries to create the right angles in your face through the filler. In order to inject fillers, the doctor must know well which part of your face needs to be injected and create an angle, that’s why he examines your face first. Then he cleans those places with antimicrobial substances so that everything is ready for filler injection. In this method, you will not need anesthesia and you will receive anesthesia only by the doctor.

After anesthesia with ampoules, the doctor inserts the filler into the desired part of the face and massages it for a few seconds. This massage is due to the proper placement of the filler on the face. Then he does the same thing in all the necessary parts of the face so that he can finally create the desired angles. After the injection, the doctor will put ice compresses on your face so that the resulting inflammations disappear quickly.

Care after filler injection

After the injection, you will definitely feel certain swellings and inflammations on your face, which makes you unable to go out for the first few days. These inflammations are not a special problem and are only part of the short-term side effects of injection. To take care of this problem and prevent it from getting worse, you should use ice compresses and cold water.

Try to put a cold compress on the injection area for five minutes every 2 hours for the first 24 hours. Sometimes, the final result of face injection appears after a month.

Side effects of filler injection

Each filler, in addition to its many benefits, can cause short-term or long-term problems in the face that you should be familiar with. Of course, you should know that these complications occur very rarely, but they cannot be ignored. The first problem you will have is damage to the blood vessels in the face. This problem can cause a change in the color of your face and injection sites, and you may experience certain bleeding in your face.

The next problem is the sensitivities that arise on your face. Sometimes your face cannot react well to the injection, and this causes different sensitivities in the face. These sensitivities cause you to experience redness in the face of the sun or to feel frequent itches on your face. Sometimes you may even feel a burning sensation when you touch your face, which can be annoying.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

In most cases, the final cosmetic result is better when fillers are combined with other treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections or laser treatment. These treatments must be evaluated and selected individually and there is no general prescription.

Is this injection painful?

no People who use fillers are amazed at how painless the process is, and there are several pain reduction techniques that can be used to minimize discomfort during treatment. These methods include local anesthetic cream, nerve blockers, etc.

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