Facial damage caused by dieting

When we diet and want to lose weight, we inadvertently damage other parts of our body, we want to know the different damage and changes that different types of diets cause in our face.

Poor diet can damage facial skin.

Reducing sugar and alcohol consumption makes facial skin better and fresher. In the pictures below, it is shown what effect the abuse of each of these foods has on the facial skin:

The image on the right shows a healthy face.

Eating too much sugar and carbohydrates (like rice and pasta): Wrinkles on the forehead, dimples under the eyes, pus pimples, thinning of the skin, gray and opaque layers on the skin

Inability of the body to digest dairy products: puffy eyelids, dark circles around the eyes, pimples and small pimples on the chin

Sensitivity to gluten, protein found in wheat, barley and rye: puffy red chin, accumulation of pigments or dark spots around the chin

Any alcohol: red or red lines between the eyes, drooping eyelids, large pores on the skin, dry skin and cheeks and red nose

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