Facial exercise and removal of facial wrinkles

If you want to get rid of wrinkles on your face and prevent the appearance of new lines on it, we recommend that you go to facial exercises and prevent your skin from wrinkling this way.

Many wrinkles and lines on the skin of the face are caused by frequent laughing and frowning, and many people laugh or frown less to prevent it, while this is not a good solution because laughter and frowning are our body’s natural reactions. And they should not be avoided.

Increasing the flexibility of the face prevents and reduces skin lines and wrinkles, and this flexibility is created more by exercising the face and the surrounding areas. Here are some facial exercises that, if done twice a day, can be very helpful. The study showed that women between the ages of 35 and 58, who did these facial exercises twice a day for 8 weeks, saw positive effects on their skin after 8 months.

With these facial exercises, you can tighten your skin, increase its flexibility, lift it up, and finally eliminate the lines and wrinkles of your skin. First, do these facial exercises 2 times a day for 3 months for 3 months, and after a short time, increase it to 10 minutes each time.

Raise your eyelid

Place your index finger on the corner of the eye and your middle finger on the center of the eyebrows. Slowly pull it up as you look down. Then squeeze your eyes together a little to strengthen the muscles around your eyes.

Lower your eyelid

Place your index finger outside the corner of your eye and your middle finger inside the corner of your eye, gently squeezing them and closing your eyes as you look down.

Bringing the eyelids up and down

Roll your thumb and forefinger in a circular motion around your eyes like a camera, and press your lower eyelid slightly in the same position. You may have diplopia in this case.

Raise your lips

Create a 7-shaped shape in the upper corner of your mouth with your thumb and forefinger. Place your other hand in the same position above your previous hand. Look up and try to smile by gently squeezing your hands.

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