Factors that reduce libido in men

Aging in men causes a decrease in testosterone. Doctors are of the opinion that one percent of the testosterone in men’s body decreases every year, the decrease in testosterone levels in men, in addition to the decrease in libido, causes many unfortunate consequences in their bodies.

Doctors say that men who are worried about the decrease in blood testosterone levels and its consequences as they age, it is better to make a change in their lifestyle before taking different drugs.

Doctors believe With age, men’s testosterone decreases by 1% per yearThe decrease in testosterone levels in men, in addition to the decrease in their sexual desire, causes many unfortunate consequences in their bodies, which include the decrease in physical strength and muscle wasting.

Men should make changes in their lives before taking chemical drugs and related injections, which are necessary if diagnosed by a doctor. Adequate sleep is necessary to maintain testosterone levels in men’s bodies, because there is always a competition going on between cortisol and testosterone, and by sleeping enough and keeping cortisol levels low, men can maintain their testosterone levels. also Losing weight can be effective in thisbecause one of the factors that causes a sharp decrease in testosterone is obesity.

Also, eating foods containing zinc and vitamin D can be effective in maintaining testosterone levels in men. Although you should be careful in consuming some foods such as eggs that contain cholesterol, you should also know that Cholesterol is vital for making testosterone in the body. Consuming fruits such as pomegranate and watermelon or spicy foods or garlic and fish along with vegetables such as spinach or broccoli is also necessary to maintain this hormone in the body.. According to experts, turning to Mediterranean diet plannot only for the heart and brain, but it is very useful for maintaining testosterone levels in men, and men should pay attention to this issue as they age.

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