Facts about eyelash extensions

Apart from repairing damaged eyelashes, these products have also been used to strengthen the growth of new eyelashes, make existing eyelashes longer, blacker and thicker, but the real question is, which types of them are really effective? There are many types of eyelash enhancers on the market, but most of them are not what you imagine. Here we try to say which of them is true.

Possible disadvantages

Why don’t many people use these products?

They may not be helpful. This is most likely the main reason why some women are reluctant to try an eyelash enhancer, and their reasoning is that many of the ingredients on the market do not contain the right ingredients in the right concentration to get the right results. .

They are expensive. Some of these eyelash enhancers cost upwards of $25 and are only used for a four-week period. Some of these products can cause eyelash discoloration and itching and burning. These ingredients don’t really enhance thick lashes, especially if they’re attached to red, puffy eyelids.

Only 3 out of 47

To strengthen the eyelashes, a precise amount of active elements that are responsible for growth should be used in them. These elements are not cheap, and that’s why many brands reduce the prices by consuming very little of these compounds. We reviewed 47 different brands in all of these samples to find out which ones actually used the right amount of active ingredients and also proved eyelash growth. This is the result we got:

As we imagined, the majority of eyelash enhancers do not meet the amount of active elements required for eyelash growth. They claim that their product works, but many of them have only used mineral oils that can be obtained at a drugstore for very little cost.

3 products that really work

1. CITY Lash: If you are thinking of trying an eyelash enhancer, this is the product to use. Women everywhere are raving about this product, which also has great results. Online stores are constantly selling this product because it is much cheaper compared to competing brands with similar ingredients. The active ingredient of CITY Lash is Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, and it is one of the most powerful ingredients that promote eyelash growth. Be careful of brands that claim to use these ingredients. Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 is very expensive and it is very rare to use it in the right amount in products. If you want thick and thick eyelashes that really last, use this product.

2. Elastlash Eylash solution: This eyelash strengthening solution is ranked second due to its higher price. The effect of this product is the same as CITY Lash and uses Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17.

3. Jan Marini: The third product that we safely recommend to you is Jai Marini’s eyelash conditioner. An amplifier that is not comparable in terms of price but is similar in effectiveness to the other 2 products. It has obviously used a different combination compared to the previous two products. The effect is so gradual and subtle that the changes are not very visible to you and you can only notice it by looking at your previous photos.

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