False beliefs about cancer

There are some common beliefs and beliefs among people about cancer diseases that we want to point out in this section about the correctness or incorrectness of some of them. Some doctors in different parts of the world have rejected some of these misconceptions. Pay attention to them below.

The right information about cancer is very valuable because the more we know about it, the more we can keep this disease away from us.

According to readersdigest, years have passed since the emergence of cancer, there are still uncertainties surrounding it to the extent that false ideas and beliefs have taken the place of facts and reality about cancer.

The following misconceptions are reported by doctors from all over the world:

Surgery can cause cancer to spread: The spread of cancer is through the blood or lymphatic system, and surgery does not increase the potential for cancer to spread, and it can even reduce it.

Cell phones can cause brain cancer: It is true that cell phones can in some cases contribute to the formation of a number of rare brain tumors, but the general belief that cell phone use can cause cancer It is not true to lead.

Breast cancer is for women: According to studies by the American Cancer Society, every year 2000 men in the United States are faced with a positive result of their breast cancer test.

Cancer is a fight and you have to win: Many people think of cancer as a battle that the patient is determined and committed to win. Such a perception of cancer prevents looking at more realistic goals to improve the quality of life. Setting small goals to maintain overall health can increase the progress of cancer recovery, and in fact, small and meaningful achievements will improve the course of this disease.

False beliefs about cancer

When cancer occurs, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it: up to 50 percent of all cancers are preventable through healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise, diet, and avoiding toxins. Experts recommend exercising, even for short periods of time, and strictly avoiding unhealthy eating habits such as excess sugar and processed foods.

Having a cancer gene means you’re doomed to get cancer: Many people have a genetic mutation associated with an increased risk of developing cancer, but that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily get it. Some genes can be turned on and some genes can be turned off by following the principles of healthy living such as following a balanced diet and exercise.

Diets can lead to cancer treatment: Some believe that eating certain foods can cure cancer, although there is no evidence to support this claim.

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February 12, 2016 00:45

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