Familiarity with wrong habits in washing your face

One of the simple daily tasks washing face This is repeated every day. When washing face Mistakes can occur that can lead to problems such as dryness, oiliness and skin sensitivity. In this article from Hi doctor We have prepared the wrong habits in washing the face. Join us.

Use the wrong detergent

A good cleanser should completely remove pus and makeup from the face without destroying the skin’s natural oil and healthy cells. The detergent you use should do this and not be so weak that you have to wash your face twice with it or rub it too much on your skin, not so strong that Skin Make it red, sensitive and dry.

Excessive washing

washing face It should not be more than 2 times a day because more than this causes skin irritation and is a factor in producing excess fat. So if you do not have makeup, you have not used sunscreen or your face is not sweaty, do not use facial cleanser and just wash your face with lukewarm water.

Use water with inappropriate temperature

Some people think that hot water opens the pores of the skin and cold water closes the pores of the skin, but the truth is that they do not have muscle pores that open and close. Although the warm water that comes in contact with the skin may feel good, it interferes with the skin’s natural and protective oils and causes excessive dryness or overproduction of sebum. Warm water is the best thing for proper and effective cleansing of the skin.

Excessive peeling

Exfoliation is a good way to remove dead skin cells, but it should be done in moderation. Use granular exfoliators (sugar scrubs or those with fruit acids are milder choices) and apply two to three times a week at most. Use your fingers instead of cloth to rub on the skin to prevent stretching or irritation of the skin.

Improper skin cleansing

The skin should be rinsed well. Otherwise, the detergent residue on the skin clogs the pores and dries the skin. Rinse your face thoroughly. The nose and around the face, such as the hairline and jawline, are the most common parts of the face that are forgotten when washing and rinsing. Pay attention to these parts when washing your face with water.

Wrong products

Do not use things that damage the skin, such as perfumes, dyes, and preservatives such as parabens. Sodium lauryl sulfate is another thing to avoid. It is used as an exfoliator for excess skin, but it can also cause allergies and allergic reactions. Always read the ingredients on beauty and health products.

Improper use of moisturizers

To increase the rate of moisture absorption, immediately after Skin cleansing When it is still damp, use a moisturizer. Do the same for serums and other skin and hair care products.

High costs but in vain

It is not wise to spend a lot of money on just one facial cleanser. A simple cleanser with natural ingredients is enough. Instead of spending money on detergents, buy more serums and moisturizers.

Drying the face with a towel

Drying the skin with a towel

Do not rub the towel on the skin, just try to dry the face with gentle strokes on the skin. Towels on the skin look nice but irritate the skin. Do not use any towels on hand, such as a used towel, because you are spreading the bacteria; Especially on excellent and clean skin. When you want to dry your washed face, take a soft and clean towel.

Fear of fats

Fats have long been the number one enemy of closing pores, but now that mindset is changing. Experts say that people with different skin types can benefit from cleansing their skin with oil, even oily or damaged skin! Some fats cleanse the pores of impurities and bacteria and balance the skin. Look for fat cleansing products that are made from vegetable and natural fats or you can even use one almond oil Use quality apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil or sunflower oil available in the supermarket. Massage the oil on your skin and then clean your face with a clean cloth soaked in warm water. Before washing, make sure you clean your face thoroughly so that no excess oil remains on your skin and the pores are cleansed.

What is the best facial cleanser?

Cleansing the face with toner and cleansing milk, fumigating the face with water, washing the face with liquid are ways to cleanse the skin, but water is the most useful and easiest way to remove impurities on the skin.

Washing your skin is a necessity, but what you wash with depends on the condition of your skin. If you have dry skin, you should use detergents that have more acidity, less alkalinity and lower pH. But if you have normal skin, it will be less of a problem. However, normal skin is sometimes dry and sometimes oily. If you have oily skin, it means that you need to wash more. This type of skin has less restrictions on the use of soaps, so that if you wash oily skin with regular and even body soaps, you will not feel unpleasant, such as burning and stretching in the skin.

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